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[VIDEO] Devang Vussonji on Solutions to Unemployment with CNBC Africa

Devang Vussonji, Partner and Tanzania Office Director at Dalberg, joined CNBC Africa to discuss the link between education and unemployment in East Africa. Devang explained that there is a disconnect between the skills employers look for, and the attributes schools … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t We Designing Cities That Work for Women, Not Just Men?

In The Guardian, Andrew Fleming and Anja Tranovich explain why government officials, development organizations, and private sector partners must prioritize gender-inclusive infrastructure planning across the world’s cities. In the 1990s, a simple survey in Vienna led urban planners to rethink their whole approach … Continue reading

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Here’s Why Millions of Kids Won’t be Heading to College This Year – And What We Can Do About It

By Emily Moore This fall, millions of students in the U.S. are preparing to go back to college. Yet young people from certain demographics, especially low-income youth and those whose parents didn’t go to college, are likely to be underrepresented … Continue reading

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List of Events around the UN General Assembly (UNGA) and Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting

This September, New York City will once again host two major development events: the UN General Assembly (UNGA), and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting. These events provide an important opportunity for global players from across international development to … Continue reading

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Driving demand for chlorhexidine: Introducing a human-centered design toolkit

By Nikki Tyler. First published on Healthy Newborn Network. In 2015, 2.7 million babies died within their first 28 days of life. The first 28 days of life – termed the neonatal period – is recognized as the most vulnerable time … Continue reading

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[Video] The Village of the Future: World Economic Forum on Africa Panel

Africa is the fastest urbanizing continent in the world, yet the vast majority still live in rural areas and will for the foreseeable future. The last decade transformed the African village — what do the next 10 years hold? Dalberg Group … Continue reading

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Why Emergency Operations Centers are Crucial in Crisis Response

By Aurelien Chu and Mareme Gaye The West Africa Ebola outbreak of 2014-2016 showed the weakness of national emergency management systems, and the danger of depending on international humanitarian and health actors to compensate for national gaps. Over 11,000 people died, primarily … Continue reading

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Changing the Definition of a Surgeon: GE Foundation launches Safe Surgery 2020, based on the idea that clinic leadership isn’t limited to doctors

This article originally appeared on NextBillion. By Ashley Eberhart and Faaria Volinski Each year, 1.5 million lives are lost in low- and middle-income countries because patients do not have access to essential surgical procedures. For those actually able to access surgical care, 48 … Continue reading

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Noodling on Kellogg’s African Deal: Why Global Investors Are Turning to Africa and What it Means

By Jude Uzonwanne Last week, Kellogg Company announced a three-layer deal with Singapore’s Tolaram Group, including a $450 million deal for a 50 percent stake in Tolaram’s Multipro, a Lagos-based food sales and distribution company. This joint venture represents a … Continue reading

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List of Events around the UN General Assembly (UNGA), Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting, and Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Annual Conference

by Shruthi Jayaram New York City is set to host a collection of development events this September and October. With the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting, climate week and the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) annual conference all … Continue reading

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