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Betting Big on Ourselves, for a Better World

Guest post by Tolu Ogunlesi, Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria (Digital & New Media); and Head of the Presidency Office of Digital Engagement. The post was originally published by The Guardian.  Every year since 2009 Bill and Melinda … Continue reading

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How do the poor see life? Rajen Makhijani’s TEDxNTU

Dalberg Associate Partner Rajen Makhijani explores how social class influences a person’s opinions of him or herself and perception of life. He details why choices that might appear to be irrational — choosing to buy a cup of tea over health insurance, … Continue reading

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From Charity to Change: A Dynamic Approach to Building a Better World

by Joe Dougherty  On the first day of December, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan celebrated the birth of their daughter, by announcing their intention to direct 99% of their Facebook shares to a new philanthropic venture, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur Kaakpema Yelpaala: The Access.Mobile CEO on ClinicCommunicator and Thinking Big

By Faaria Volinski In 2014, Dalberg alum Kaakpema Yelpaala launched ClinicCommunicator, which allows hospitals and clinics to send important messages to patients like appointment and medication reminders, or information on new health threats. Now widely used in Uganda and Kenya, … Continue reading

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Creating a Market for Safe, Secure, and Convenient Moto Taxis in Uganda: A Q&A with Dalberg Alumnus Alastair Sussock

“Boda bodas,” or motorcycle taxis, are the main form of transit in Kampala, Uganda. There are five times more boda bodas driving around Kampala – 80,000 in total – than yellow taxis in New York City. While boda bodas are … Continue reading

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Inspiring Innovation: Dalberg Alumna Gayatri Datar Wins Echoing Green Fellowship

Gayatri Datar is a Dalberg alumna and co-founder of EarthEnable, a social enterprise with a mission to improve the health of low-income Rwandans through the use of earthen flooring created by locally trained masons. Last week, Gayatri was awarded an … Continue reading

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Maximizing social impact and profit: a two-way street

By Jyothi Vynatheya Oberoi Most interpreters of the triple bottom line – measuring business performance with the “three P’s” of profit, people, and planet – ask how businesses can improve living standards and support the environment. Fewer also ask how … Continue reading

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Defining your End-Game: The “new normal” for nonprofit impact

mothers2mothers (m2m) is a leading health nonprofit that uses mentor mothers to provide education, psychosocial support, and referrals to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. mothers2mothers’ founders began in 2001 with the usual nonprofit starter kit: a mission and a vision. … Continue reading

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D. Talks – Social Entrepreneurship: A Spectrum

By Eleanor Joseph and Gib Lopez What exactly is the boundary between social enterprise and “business-as-usual”? This question bears consideration, as it informs how shareholders, employees, and customers think about the companies that they support. Social enterprise has been defined … Continue reading

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Boosting Social Entrepreneurship to Improve Rural Livelihoods

Traditionally, both government and the private sector have struggled to reach remote, poverty-stricken parts of India, especially the eastern states. There, even social entrepreneurs and civil society organizations have difficulty applying their innovations because of poor reach and lack of … Continue reading

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