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Dalberg Hosts a Private Sector Week in Dar es Salaam Culminating in an Iftar Dinner for 150+ Business Leaders

As part of a Private Sector Week organized by the Dar es Salaam office, Dalberg, The Africa List and the CEO Roundtable hosted an Iftar dinner to celebrate Dalberg’s 10 years in Africa. The event kicked off a discussion on … Continue reading

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Q&A: Reflecting on Our Internships

With the recruiting season for Dalberg’s internship programs well underway, we talk to Dalberg team members about their internship experiences, and learn about what they have been doing since joining Dalberg full time. Applications for our Graduate School Consultants Program … Continue reading

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James Mwangi on the Development Plan for the 21st Century – Podcast

James Mwangi, Executive Director of the Dalberg Group, joined the ‘Maintaining the Momentum for the SDGs’ event, convened by The Guardian around the UN’s General Assembly in New York. James joined the first panel discussion on ‘How to Implement 17 … Continue reading

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How do the poor see life? Rajen Makhijani’s TEDxNTU

Dalberg Associate Partner Rajen Makhijani explores how social class influences a person’s opinions of him or herself and perception of life. He details why choices that might appear to be irrational — choosing to buy a cup of tea over health insurance, … Continue reading

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Which Technological Breakthroughs Will Help the Poor the Most? A Q&A with Shashi Buluswar

By Sara Wallace The polio vaccine…anti-retroviral drugs…M-PESA mobile payments… These are just a few breakthroughs that have created transformative impact for the world’s poor. Breakthroughs of this caliber are rare – they require significant collaboration around information, analysis, and technology … Continue reading

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Amplifying our Voices in 2015: A Letter from Dalberg’s Global Managing Partner

Dear friends and colleagues, Dalberg was founded in 2001 on a bold hypothesis: that if global development were to advance at an accelerated pace, rigorous problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and private sector partnerships were needed to complement traditional development approaches. … Continue reading

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2015 Transformational Business Awards to Highlight Innovations in Developing Cities

The Financial Times and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are accepting entries for the 2015 Transformational Business Awards, a major global program highlighting groundbreaking products and services that provide transformative, long-term solutions to key issues in developing economies. Dalberg’s Henrik Skovby … Continue reading

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Creating a Market for Safe, Secure, and Convenient Moto Taxis in Uganda: A Q&A with Dalberg Alumnus Alastair Sussock

“Boda bodas,” or motorcycle taxis, are the main form of transit in Kampala, Uganda. There are five times more boda bodas driving around Kampala – 80,000 in total – than yellow taxis in New York City. While boda bodas are … Continue reading

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Empowering Individuals as Smart Funders to Take Poverty to “Zero”

By Angela Rastegar Campbell Next week, the US will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday focused on giving thanks and giving back. As charitable giving peaks during this upcoming holiday season, one critical cause to give toward is the monumental task of … Continue reading

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Top Five Takeaways from My Internship in Impact Investing

By Isaac Gross “So what did you learn?” my boss asked me in the final week of my internship. After a summer of struggling to make well-formatted PowerPoint slides, finding out after my final presentation that a fund track record is … Continue reading

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