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Financial Inclusion Fit to Size: Customizing Digital Credit for Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania

For the fourteenth briefing note in a series from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance, Dalberg’s Design Impact Group (DIG) explores the causes of low uptake in digital credit for smallholders to better understand how we can develop concrete product solutions to jump-start adoption … Continue reading

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Borrowing and Saving – Not Two Sides of the Same Coin

By Dalberg’s Michael Mori, and ACCION International’s Elisabeth Rhyne From a mathematical point of view, borrowing and saving are mirror images. In both cases many small payments allow for one or more large payouts. Only the sequence differs. Stuart Rutherford’s classic … Continue reading

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Driving demand for chlorhexidine: Introducing a human-centered design toolkit

By Nikki Tyler. First published on Healthy Newborn Network. In 2015, 2.7 million babies died within their first 28 days of life. The first 28 days of life – termed the neonatal period – is recognized as the most vulnerable time … Continue reading

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Using Human-Centered Design to Build Financial Products Tailored for Underbanked Customers

Globally, demand for smallholder finance is estimated at $450 billion. To meet this demand, it will be critical for financial services and providers to truly understand their smallholder customers, and design financial products to suit their specific needs. An integrated team from … Continue reading

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Video: D. Talks – Steve Daniels, Founding Director of Makeshift Magazine, on Design and Global Development

By Cecilia Chen and Hanna Seminario Below, Steve Daniels, IBM Design Lead and Founding Director of Makeshift magazine, talks hacks, informal economies, and Human-Centered Design with Dalberg Video: In a recent D. Talk, Steve came to Dalberg’s New York office … Continue reading

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Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) Devices for Financial Inclusion: Motivating Merchants in Indonesia to Switch to e-Payments

The last time you bought something from a street market vendor, you probably didn’t swipe your credit card through a small white cubical reader set atop the vendor’s smartphone when it came time to pay. But that might change soon. … Continue reading

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Inspiring Innovation: Dalberg Alumna Gayatri Datar Wins Echoing Green Fellowship

Gayatri Datar is a Dalberg alumna and co-founder of EarthEnable, a social enterprise with a mission to improve the health of low-income Rwandans through the use of earthen flooring created by locally trained masons. Last week, Gayatri was awarded an … Continue reading

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On Menstrual Hygiene Day, Designing a Better Period for Girls and Women

By Ashley Eberhart One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People this year is Arunachalam Muruganantham, colloquially known as “Menstrual Man,” or “the Tampon King.” Muruganantham was determined to design a sanitary pad for rural Indian women that was affordable, … Continue reading

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