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[Podcast] Discussion on Entrepreneurship to Celebrate a Decade of Dalberg in Africa

Is entrepreneurship going to create the mass-scale jobs we need, or should we give up the notion that those that have the most reason to be risk averse should be the ones leading the charge on risk loving new business … Continue reading

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D. Talk – Business Resilience in Vulnerable, Post-crisis Economies

By Amy Zhuo In 2014, Chid Liberty had just set up the first Fair Trade Certified apparel manufacturing company in Africa – Liberty & Justice (L&J) – and was ready to fulfill his contracts, when suddenly Ebola hit Liberia and … Continue reading

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Youth Jobs 2.0: Five Powerful Ways to Harness Digital Technology to Curb Youth Unemployment

This article was originally published on NextBillion. By Marcus Haymon and Rachna Saxena Five million. That’s how many jobs our global economy needs to create each month to absorb everyone entering the job market in the next decade. Based on today’s … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room: Financial Inclusion for the Missing Middle

By Joe Dougherty and Radoslava Dogandjieva Giving poor people direct access to basic financial services is a laudable goal in itself, one that can generate important benefits. However, while financial inclusion can help the poor improve their lives in some … Continue reading

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From Charity to Change: A Dynamic Approach to Building a Better World

by Joe Dougherty  On the first day of December, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan celebrated the birth of their daughter, by announcing their intention to direct 99% of their Facebook shares to a new philanthropic venture, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, … Continue reading

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Back to School, On to Unemployment? Addressing the Global Crisis Facing Youth

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post. By Devang Vussonji and Faaria Volinski It’s dark outside when Martin Kiptoo Kiyeng opens his eyes. He gazes at the concrete ceiling of the room he shares with his cousin’s brother in … Continue reading

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Dalberg and Dalberg Research Present YouthUnemployment.com

High youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems confronting societies around the world – and it’s especially acute for young people in developing countries. But do we really know how to effectively address this complex and challenging issue? Inherent … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur Kaakpema Yelpaala: The Access.Mobile CEO on ClinicCommunicator and Thinking Big

By Faaria Volinski In 2014, Dalberg alum Kaakpema Yelpaala launched ClinicCommunicator, which allows hospitals and clinics to send important messages to patients like appointment and medication reminders, or information on new health threats. Now widely used in Uganda and Kenya, … Continue reading

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Can Technology Push Microinsurance Further? 4 Reasons to Say Yes

By Rasesh Mohan and Wameek Noor Those who most need insurance, and the stability that it provides, are often the least likely to have it. In developing countries, insurance coverage is exceedingly low – often below 5%of the country’s population. Few … Continue reading

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Inspiring Innovation: Dalberg Alumna Gayatri Datar Wins Echoing Green Fellowship

Gayatri Datar is a Dalberg alumna and co-founder of EarthEnable, a social enterprise with a mission to improve the health of low-income Rwandans through the use of earthen flooring created by locally trained masons. Last week, Gayatri was awarded an … Continue reading

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