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The Private Sector Could Help Us Save the World’s Oceans

By Michael Davis The importance of the world’s oceans, and the challenges they face cannot be overstated. Oceans are home to the earth’s most diverse ecosystems, and are crucial to fighting climate change as they absorb 30% of the CO2 … Continue reading

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Enabling Returns for the Displaced in Syria

By Dalberg’s Paul Callan, and Talya Lockman-Fine; and Globesight’s Taufiq Rahim, Alaa’ Odeh, and Anna De Palma   The scale of the conflict in Syria is hard to comprehend: almost half a million people killed, according to some estimates, and more … Continue reading

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The State of the Off-Grid Appliance Market

With over two billion people worldwide lacking access to reliable electricity, the global off-grid appliance market is critical for increasing access to electricity and services. In particular, renewable energy technologies like the fast-growing solar portable lamps and solar home systems are helping to bridge the gap. The markets for renewable/hybrid … Continue reading

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The Impact of Private Investment in Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

The state of education is improving throughout sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): enrollment rates have risen significantly at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. However, these improvements are not occurring fast enough. With more than 30 million primary and 90 million secondary … Continue reading

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Broken Asylum Systems Closer to Home

This article originally appeared on World Policy Blog. By Talya Lockman-Fine The young man arrived for a meeting with the non-governmental organization employee. He had no job and, without working papers, few prospects of gaining one. He had temporary housing … Continue reading

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Introducing DigitalSharingEconomy.com: Sharing Resources, Building Economies

Geeta is busy preparing a meal in the kitchen with her mom, Kamla. Tonight this New Delhi family will welcome guests from across the world and introduce them to local culinary specialties. They’ll be paid via an online platform, and … Continue reading

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Slideshow: Volunteering in The Jungle – A Journey to the Calais Refugee Camp

By Katya Akulinicheva At 3:45am on a grim November Saturday, my alarm marked the start of what was going to be a very long day. Wearing rainboots and with my duffle bag in hand, I set off for my 5-hour … Continue reading

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A Crystal Ball for Global Development: What Will Happen in 2016?

This article was originally published on Huffington Post Impact. By Yana Watson Kakar, Madji Sock, and Shyam Sundaram True to hopes, 2015 was a landmark year for global development. Two decades of talks yielded an ambitious, universal agreement to fight climate … Continue reading

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Launch of Convergence: The World’s First Blended Finance Platform

Dalberg is thrilled to announce the launch of Convergence: the world’s first deal sourcing platform that helps public and private investors find and connect with each other for blended finance investments in emerging and frontier markets. Conceived under the World … Continue reading

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10 Global Health Trends from 2015 and What They Mean for the New Year

This article was originally published in NextBillion. By Erin Barringer and Vicky Hausman At Dalberg, we recently took the time to reflect on some of the most exciting moments in global health in 2015 and what’s to come in 2016. Last … Continue reading

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