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The Private Sector Could Help Us Save the World’s Oceans

By Michael Davis The importance of the world’s oceans, and the challenges they face cannot be overstated. Oceans are home to the earth’s most diverse ecosystems, and are crucial to fighting climate change as they absorb 30% of the CO2 … Continue reading

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Slideshow: Volunteering in The Jungle – A Journey to the Calais Refugee Camp

By Katya Akulinicheva At 3:45am on a grim November Saturday, my alarm marked the start of what was going to be a very long day. Wearing rainboots and with my duffle bag in hand, I set off for my 5-hour … Continue reading

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Beat the Heat: Inclusive Preparedness for India’s Heat Waves

By Ashwin Chandrasekhar This summer, India witnessed its second deadliest heat wave on record – over 2,500 people died due to scorching temperatures. India’s heat waves are part of a climate change-driven cycle. Records over the last 10 years show … Continue reading

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Blended Finance: Catalyzing Private Capital for Development Impact

By Shanti Krishnan The Development Funding Gap Traditionally the domain of aid agencies, development finance institutions, and foundations (here we will call them collectively “public investors”), the landscape of development finance is changing rapidly. Public investors are increasingly engaging and … Continue reading

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Improving sanitation: It starts with the community

By Lucy Johnson Leaders from around the world gathered in 2000 to establish the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in an effort to reduce extreme poverty by 2015. As we near the expiration date for these goals, one particular target – … Continue reading

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On World Toilet Day, making small-town sanitation a big deal

By Romit Mehta, Madhu Yalamarthi, and Adrien Couton In 2009, global population experienced a major shift: for the first time, according to estimates, over 50% of the world’s people lived in urban areas. Anyone who has been to a global … Continue reading

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Harnessing private investment to finance clean water and sanitation

By Madhu Yalamarthi The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 768 million people worldwide lack access to improved drinking water, and over 2,500 million people lack access to sanitation facilities. WHO also estimates the global economic losses associated with … Continue reading

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Harvesting mist in Northern Kenya

by Nungari Mwangi One is hard-pressed to find a forested area in the Hurri Hills region of Northern Kenya. Classified as a water scarce country, 80% of Kenya is arid or semi-arid land. Last year’s drought and subsequent famine affected … Continue reading

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Improving water and power access in Guinea-Bissau

Estimates suggest that out of a population of 1.6 million, only 326,000 people living near the capital of Guinea-Bissau have access to a consistent power and water supply. Production and distribution of these utilities is primarily owned by the state … Continue reading

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Access to Water and the Private Sector

by James Eustace There are 783 million people around the world without access to safe drinking water, yet safe drinking water is a basic need for survival. Safe water also promotes good health, food security, energy security, and reduces incentives … Continue reading

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