Our track record

Dalberg has grown because of the track record we have built up over time with our clients. The majority of our assignments now come through referrals from people familiar with our work. We are committed to making an impact in the developing world and we only achieve this goal when our clients are successful.

Dalberg was founded in 2001. Since then, we have counted the following among our achievements:

  • More than 1000 projects aimed at raising living standards in developing countries and addressing global challenges.
  • Assignments affecting more than 90 countries in all regions of the world.
  • Corporate clients drawn mostly from the Fortune Global 500.
  • Strategic work for nearly all of the world's significant multinational agencies, in both headquarters and countries around the world.

Access to Finance

Dalberg's expertise in finance, coupled with our knowledge of development and difficult-to-serve markets, allows us to use our global network of investors and entrepreneurs to grow businesses and improve economic development.

Identifying investment strategies. Providing investors with sector, market and geographic investment advice and strategies.

Developing innovative financing mechanisms. Transforming markets through innovative financing mechanisms and partnerships. We help our clients effect changes in the market with new financial instruments and the identification of sponsors and partners.

Matching investment capital to entrepreneurs. Using our network to bridge the gap between capital and companies finding attractive private and social investment opportunities.

Developing market-entry strategies. Creating approaches for bringing new products and services to frontier markets.

Catalyzing underserved sectors. Aggregating our network to bring more global capital into specific underserved investment sectors or geographies.

To learn more about our Access to Finance work, click here or contact:
Wouter Deelder, Geneva
Serena Guarnaschelli, Geneva

Agriculture and Food Security

Dalberg recognizes the strategic importance of agriculture in fighting rural poverty, increasing regional food security and improving health outcomes around the world. We work with clients across the global agriculture sector to identify, design and implement solutions that add value to market participants, from smallholder farmers to global food retailers. Our clients include multilateral institutions, investment funds, operational and advocacy NGOs, national governments, and forward-thinking corporations. Our clients are investing in and strengthening agricultural markets globally, and particularly in Africa.

Stakeholder engagement and partnerships. Building partnerships with local, national and regional actors to ensure that each bring their comparative strengths to bear towards the achievement of common objectives.

Value-chain intervention strategies. Working closely with farmers, private institutions and public organizations to effectively plan and deploy resources to build key agricultural markets.

Design, launch, and implementation of innovative financing models. Creating financing mechanisms that increase capital and liquidity for producers and processors in agriculture.

To learn more about our Agriculture and Food Security work, click here or contact:
Angela Hansen, Johannesburg

Conflict, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Aid

We help our clients to develop sound strategy, optimize performance, measure the impact of their efforts, locate like-minded partners, and access new sources of funding. As a result of our work, our clients are able to enhance their strategies and capabilities to respond to some of the world's most pressing and complex humanitarian challenges.

Organizational strategy and management. Designing clear and compelling strategies to help leading organizations in the humanitarian space achieve their goals.

Impact measurement and performance management. Developing practical approaches for measuring and tracking progress toward short- and long-term goals.

Stakeholder engagement and partnerships. Building partnerships with like-minded organizations, ensuring that they bring their comparative strengths to bear towards the achievement of common objectives.

To learn more about our Conflict, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Aid work, contact:
Serena Guarnaschelli, Geneva

Joe Dougherty, San Francisco

Strategy and Performance

We support efforts to achieve operational excellence at major established institutions, including agencies of the United Nations, leading multilateral development banks, bilateral donors, governments, foundations, and non-governmental organizations.Our practice also supports the design and launch of innovative development programs and organizations.

Strategic planning and vision-setting. Assisting organizations and initiatives to set clear and compelling visions and planning strategies that enable them to achieve their goals.

Policy design. Developing policies and sector strategies, across multiple sectors for governments and development partners.

Organizational reform for operational excellence. Guiding organizations to excel through superior governance and oversight, organizational structure, business processes, human resources, and tools.

Program evaluation and performance management. Conducting comprehensive evaluations of funds, programs, and initiatives, and designing systems for ongoing evaluation.

To learn more about our Strategy and Performance work, click here or contact:
Paul Callan, Washington DC

Wijnand de Wit, Geneva

Energy and Environment

Dalberg's energy and environment practice works with companies, NGOs, foundations, governments and international agencies to advance environmental sustainability.We help our clients to transform markets, make sound supply-side choices, access financing, develop standards, navigate regulatory change, locate like-minded partners and develop strategies to address key environmental risks.

Strategy and policy. Designing strategies to enter developing markets, develop business models to enhance adoption of new technologies, and identify policy changes needed to bring about desired changes in the market.

Supply choices. Determining the appropriate mix of energy sources and technologies to meet a client's needs while optimizing environmental integrity.

Innovative financing. Working with clients to transform markets (such as the market for renewable energy) and designing innovative financing mechanisms to tap into existing sources of capital.

Partnership building. Helping clients to identify and build partnerships with like-minded organizations, ensuring that each brings its strengths to bear on common objectives in the energy and/or environment arenas.

To learn more about our Energy and Environment work, click here or contact:
Sonila Cook,New York

Guarav Gupta, Mumbai

Global Health

From designing new financing mechanisms to building an inspirational strategic direction for a dynamic non-governmental organization, global health leaders partner with Dalberg. We do more than lay plans - we help our clients engage the stakeholders who are essential for successful implementation. We bring a unique understanding of the global health space and its actors, and we focus on moving ideas from concept to reality.

Design, launch, and implementation of innovative financing models. Creating financing mechanisms that increase access to medicines and health services.

Organizational strategy and management. Assisting leading organizations and initiatives in global health with setting clear and compelling strategies to achieve their goals.

Impact measurement and performance management. Developing practical approaches for measuring and tracking progress toward short and long-term goals.

Stakeholder engagement and partnerships. Identifying and building partnerships with like-minded organizations, ensuring that each brings its comparative strengths to bear for the achievement of common objectives.

To learn more about our Global Health work, click here or contact:
Vicky Hausman, New York

Inclusive Growth

A competitiveness strategy is not enough. Creating economic growth and social equity requires leadership with a shared vision and an ability to implement a bold change agenda. Dalberg helps countries and regions develop Inclusive Growth programs where all people can benefit from and participate in economic growth. We work closely with local leaders and working groups to build broad political support and an agenda for large firms and entrepreneurs alike.

Leadership, Visioning and Change Management. Building a shared vision and creating alignment across the private sector, civil society and the public sector through fact-based facilitation in leadership seminars and working groups.

Competitive Analysis. Identifying new product opportunities to diversify the economy and aligning selected industries with firm-level priorities and worker capabilities in order to build social capital and sustained support.

Strategy and Investment Planning. Developing a strategic plan, public and private investment plans and a roadmap through a collaborative process in order to identify actionable initiatives.

Market-based Solutions to Poverty Reduction. Identifying opportunities for the poor to participate in all industry initiatives as employees, suppliers or distributors in the value chain.

Execution through Capital, Market Access, and Public Investment Support. Providing investment and implementation support to mobilize private capital, to encourage global suppliers to source locally or to get donors and the public sector to make essential public infrastructure investments.

To learn more about our Inclusive Growth work, click here

ICT and Mobile for Development

From designing new business models to identifying new ways of applying information and communications technology in developing markets, ICT business and thought leaders partner with Dalberg. We understand technology and bring insight into how to build markets around new applications and ideas. The promise of mobile technology is unlimited, we are committed to making sure it is realized.

Design or optimization of new business models. Working with service providers to create new services, develop market entry strategies or refine business approaches.

Market development strategies. Working with donors, NGOs and foundations to identify catalytic ways of building ICT markets.

Market research and studies. Developing thought leadership and research that supports the development of ICT markets.

Impact measurement and performance management. Developing practical approaches for measuring and tracking progress toward short and long-term goals.

Supporting sector development. Identifying approaches to address shared issues and gaps, to support sector growth in new and dynamic areas (e.g., mHealth, mEducation, mobile money).

To learn more about our ICT and Mobile for Development work, click here or contact:
Michael Tsan, New York

Education and Employment

Our work in the education sector covers the supply and demand side of the education lifecycle, from pre-primary to higher education, including non-traditional educational tracks, formal and non-formal vocation training and curricula development. Our focus is to shed light on the nuanced challenges in education faced by both youth and service providers which effect youth employment, empowerment and lifestyles. We accomplish this by providing clients and stakeholders platforms for free and open interchange while constantly working towards helping improve the quality and quantity of education in developing countries.

Strategy development and operational planning. Designing new educational initiatives, developing strategies and building effective organizations.

Stakeholder engagement and partnerships. Identifying and building partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders to ensure they are working towards educational services and training that meet the demands of labor markets.

Program evaluation and impact measurement. Assisting NGOs, schools, and other educational service providers with practical tools and systems to measure impact and improve services in the future through changes in concept, strategy, organization, and partnerships.

Innovative financing for education. Building an understanding of specific financing needs and gaps in the education sector and designing practical solutions which are context specific and draw from the best of the private sector.

To learn more about our Education and Employment work, click here or contact:
Devang Vussonji, Johannesburg

Gender Empowerment

Women and girls control the smallest fraction of the world's resources and suffer the greatest human rights abuses. Yet, when empowered, they move countries from infection to vaccination, illiteracy to school attendance, unemployment to entrepreneurship and exclusion to political mobilization.

Dalberg works with governments, foundations, NGOs and companies to eliminate gender inequalities between women and men, girls and boys. We help our clients achieve greater gender equity in the utilization and control of resources - either as part of larger programs on public health, agriculture, access to finance and inclusive growth or as stand-alone gender strategies and assessments.

Documenting the baseline. Researching and analyzing the environments and achievements of women and girls against appropriate national, regional, and international benchmarks.

Developing institution-specific strategy. Understanding the goals and utilizing the strengths of government, philanthropic and private investors to develop Gender Action Plans that are specific, targeted, and tap local strengths.

Measuring impact. Monitoring and evaluating the performance of programs and institutions in improving gender equity.

Building partnerships. Helping aid programs and institutions identify and build partnerships with governments and multilaterals to develop and increase the uptake of opportunities for women, boys and girls.

To learn more about our Gender Empowerment work, click here or contact:
Yana Watson Kakar, New York

Investment Advisory

D. Capital is an investment advisory and asset management firm that seeks to facilitate capital flows to underserved countries, sectors, and beneficiaries, particularly those in developing countries.

We want to be innovators and catalysts for change in the development sector. We innovate by designing new financing mechanisms, tools, and partnerships that help overcome complex challenges. We catalyze underserved portions of the sector by aggregating our network to bring more global capital into specific investment groups or geographies.

In these ways, we hope to increase access to finance for investors and entrepreneurs, who are the ultimate agents for change.

For more information on D. Capital, please click here.


Dalberg Research was founded in response to the observation that frontier markets offer increasing growth potential but are still difficult to analyze and navigate. These markets also continue to face many development-related challenges. Dalberg Research has been designed to help clients interested in frontier markets by offering a unique local footprint in frontier markets, a strategic interface that matches research to goals, and access to expertise in financial services, health, energy, agriculture, and consumers goods.

The core market of Dalberg Research is Africa. Similar to other regions that have been through large and sustained growth cycles, we believe Africa over the next 20 years is going to see significant economic growth. Some of the key drivers are: a young and increasingly educated population, vast natural resources that the rest of the world demands, and a private sector that still has plenty of domestic markets to serve. Other frontier markets outside Africa, such as Bangladesh, Colombia, and Peru, have equally compelling positive features, and are thus also within Dalberg Research's mission and competencies.

For more information on Dalberg Research, please click here.