Dalberg Catalyst is a 501(c)(3) organization that generates and brings to life multi-stakeholder initiatives to address today’s most critical social and environmental challenges. As pro-active problem-solvers, our goal is to take on urgent problems that have massive implications for our collective future, and to anticipate and get ahead of emerging problems that are taking shape. We collaborate with leading partners and funders from across the private, public, and social sectors, while leveraging the deep knowledge, experience, and skills of the Dalberg Group.


We deliver impact by serving as a thought partner, service provider, and/or fiscal sponsor to social impact initiatives that further our mission and values; and also by building our own portfolio of agenda-setting programs. Examples of our work include:

  • Fighting COVID-19 with Rapid Mass Sanitation: We are currently supporting Safe Hands Kenya, a charitable initiative focused on delivering mass quantities of soap, hand sanitizer, and surface disinfectant to Kenya’s most vulnerable populations as the country prepares for the impact of COVID-19. This initiative seeks to flatten the curve and reduce the impact of COVID-19 in the short-term, while also promoting stronger sanitation and hygiene practices for the long-term. To support Safe Hands Kenya with a donation, please visit our GoFundMe page.
  • Safe Surgery 2020: We supported Safe Surgery 2020, a program launched by the GE Foundation, whose goal was to reduce preventable deaths from surgically treatable conditions. Safe Surgery 2020 rolled out programming in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Cambodia over the course of five years to address the root causes of inadequate access to surgery, and focused on advocating for policy change, strengthening and supporting the surgical workforce, testing and scaling innovations, and sharing insights and elevating surgery within the global health community.
  • Tanzania’s National Accelerated Action & Investment Agenda for Adolescent Health & Well-Being: We supported the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Government of Tanzania in implementing a nationwide strategy focused on adolescent sexual and reproductive health. This work required embedding program officers across national, regional, and local health authorities to build capacity, play a coordinating role, and instill a culture of continuous learning.

We are in the process of building our portfolio of initiatives. Please stay tuned for updates.


Dalberg Catalyst
BHAVANA CHILUKURI Director of Programs
Dalberg Catalyst


Please get in touch if you'd like to share ideas, collaborate, or learn more about us.

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