The Dalberg Trust

protecting the mission



While many of Dalberg's businesses are for-profit social enterprises, Dalberg's brand sits in a not-for-profit trust.

The Dalberg Trust is the custodian of our mission, ensuring that our businesses stay focused on driving sustainable and inclusive growth and that our people are consistently innovating to find new solutions to the world's most challenging problems. A percentage of the value created by Dalberg’s mature business is contributed to the Dalberg Trust to fund governance and to invest in innovation.

The Dalberg Trust seeks to support innovation in three ways:

  1. Helping existing Dalberg businesses and leaders to try innovative new approaches – often by sharing costs or risks associated with such innovation

  2. Adding innovative new businesses to the Dalberg Group, either by organically launching new businesses in high-impact areas or by attracting values aligned existing businesses

  3. Supporting promising innovators outside of the Dalberg Group with financial, strategic, operational, or other support to help their businesses succeed

The Dalberg Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for ensuring that the Trust and each business bearing the Dalberg brand maintains a commitment to excellence in pursuit of inclusive growth and sustainable development.