Human-Centered Design


Human centered design (HCD) emerged from the private sector and has been gaining traction in the social impact field for fostering new and lasting solutions. HCD prioritizes a participatory, bottom-up process where end users and other stakeholders play a lead role in shaping solutions to meet their needs. We apply HCD methods to stakeholders across the entire value chain – from agents to government officials – to support better decision-making and institutional change. Our expertise includes service and program design, product and business prototypes, innovation strategy and capacity building and design labs.


Better together: how design thinking can deepen social impact

Robert Fabricant and Ravi Chhatpar co-founded Dalberg Design five years ago. After a long history of working together at global innovation firm frog design, the pair were eager to focus more on the social impact sector and mesh their skills with an organization with the scope, expertise and mission that Dalberg could offer.

Aika Matemu

Aika Matemu is a Creative Lead with Dalberg Design in Nairobi. She brings over 15 years of expertise in user experience design, digital technologies, global public health and social entrepreneurism, with an extensive background in social impact and innovation. She has dedicated her career to designing and building innovations that impact social change.

Prerak Mehta

Prerak Mehta is a Creative Lead at Dalberg Design. Based in Mumbai, his expertise lies in applying the design thinking process across domains, understanding ground realities through field research, coming up with localized solutions that are scalable in nature and getting a product or service to market. He works at the intersection of design, technology and social impact across healthcare, education, leadership development, livelihoods, enterprise solutions and business development. Prerak is regularly invited to conduct workshops on design thinking.

Design Principles to Narrow The Digital Gender Gap

There will be an expected 480 million smartphone women users in India by 2030, and the time to start designing digital solutions for them is now. To help address women’s specific digital needs, Dalberg’s Mumbai office hosted 'Smartphone Solutions that Work For Her', a three-day lab that culminated in an open workshop in April 2019.

Kristen Schlott

Kristen Schlott is a Creative Lead at Dalberg Design. Based in Nairobi, she has worked for non-profit, for-profit, and multilateral clients to bring human-centered design to the international development field in sectors including agriculture, finance, and youth unemployment. Kristen has made significant contributions to the growth of Dalberg Design’s Nairobi-based practice; sourcing talent and developing internal initiatives to explore new applications of human-centered design for local markets. 

Aspiring Indians: new public data set and tool for improving financial health in India launched

Aspiring Indians I is the India chapter of The Human Account, a robust, holistic resource with data and insights covering six countries in Asia and Africa. Using a nationally representative sample, Aspiring Indians surveyed 3,300 respondents in 16 states in India to come up with critical insights, six key consumer segments and further developed six prototype financial products that meet the needs of the consumers of each segment.

7 design principles to create financial products for low-income consumers

Design principles are guidelines that consider the end user experience for a product. The seven principles in this set are illustrated to help deliver a financial product that meets the current and future needs of low-income consumers.


7 design principle


How Development Impact Bonds work, and when to use them

Development Impact Bonds (DIBs) are a relatively new results-based financing instrument being piloted as a new way of financing innovative activities. Dalberg designs, manages and evaluates DIBs, such as the Educate Girls DIB, and many others across the globe.

Pragya Mishra

Pragya Mishra is a Creative Lead at Dalberg Design based in Seattle. She applies her expertise in visual and strategy design on social innovation, financial inclusion and global health projects. She brings a human-centered approach to her work that facilitates in-depth understanding of distinct user behaviors, attitudes and preferences towards products, services, and systems leading to actionable insights.

Dalberg to host State of Aadhaar Initiative 

We are excited to announce that Dalberg Advisors is hosting the State of Aadhaar initiative for 2019 and 2020. Sponsored by Omidyar Network, the initiative aims to increase the knowledge base around India’s digital ID, Aadhaar.