Financial Inclusion

An estimated 2 billion people lack access to formal financial services, like bank accounts, that are critical to transact efficiently, accumulate wealth, and protect against shocks. Additionally, 200 million informal and formal businesses are financially unserved or underserved – without access to the capital they need to grow. Dalberg works with companies, foundations, development institutions, and governments to develop innovative strategies for providing high-quality, appropriate financial services to underserved individuals, communities, and businesses. Our expertise includes catalyzing investment, designing solutions such as savings products, and bringing together public and private sector stakeholders to facilitate collective action.


Kusi Hornberger

Kusi Hornberger is an Associate Partner in the Washington, DC office of Dalberg Advisors. Kusi co-leads Dalberg’s impact investing practice area and is particularly passionate about the use of innovative finance and technology to accelerate the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Jeff Berger

Jeff is an Associate Partner and Office Director in New York and co-leader of the Dalberg’s Latin America practice. He works with clients on tapping into the potential of digital solutions, inclusive finance, public-private partnerships, and innovations in the health sector to achieve impact. 

It’s About Time: the case for valuing women and girls’ unpaid care work


For more than three years, in partnership with clients including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dalberg has been researching the topic of women’s unpaid care work – the everyday household chores and tasks that include looking after children, attending to the elderly, cooking, cleaning, and more. 

Unpaid care work and women’s economic empowerment: An interview with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Keiko Valente

Dalberg has been working to understand the issue of unpaid care work for over three years, partnering with organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – which has a strategic focus on women’s economic empowerment in their gender equality strategy – to understand the issue and design strategies for change. 

Smallholders on the world stage: how private investment can help secure our food future

Smallholder farmers are critical to global food security and economic growth, but despite their importance, the private sector has largely overlooked this market given perceived risks and skepticism about their commercial viability as a market segment. 

How entrepreneurship can improve the lives of women

While the lives of women in Asia have improved significantly, deep-rooted issues still prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Over 70% are stuck in vulnerable, low-paying jobs; one in three are victims of domestic violence, and there is a lack of access to critical maternal healthcare, especially in rural areas.

Audrey Hanard

Audrey is an Associate Partner in Dalberg Advisors’ London office, where she specializes in education to employment and public health, as well as strategies to ensure inclusive development and democratic institution-building.

Rhobhi Matinyi

Rhobhi Matinyi is an Associate Partner in Dalberg’s Johannesburg office, where she works on strategic planning, market entry and growth strategies, performance evaluation and implementation. Rhobhi’s area of specialty is healthcare, and she also has extensive experience in financial inclusion, agriculture, and education and youth employment. 

Adopting a gender lens across all our work

Adopting a Gender Lens to the IDH Smallholder Innovation Platform


Adopting a Gender Lens to the IDH Smallholder Innovation Platform

Kristen Schlott

Kristen Schlott is a Creative Lead at Dalberg Design. Based in Nairobi, she has worked for non-profit, for-profit, and multilateral clients to bring human-centered design to the international development field in sectors including agriculture, finance, and youth unemployment. Kristen has made significant contributions to the growth of Dalberg Design’s Nairobi-based practice; sourcing talent and developing internal initiatives to explore new applications of human-centered design for local markets.