Dalberg works with governments, foundations, NGOs, and companies to empower people of all genders and socioeconomic backgrounds to participate fully in economic, political, and social life. Based on principles of gender equity embodied across the Dalberg platform, we help our clients ensure that their greatest asset, people, thrive and achieve their full potential. We design programs that tackle root causes of gender inequalities and not the symptoms, alongside actively identifying and mitigating unintended consequences. Our past work has included strategy, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation.

Empowering Women to use the Mobile Internet

In developing countries, the number of unique subscribers using mobile internet has grown from 728 million in 2010 to 1.8 billion in 2014. This growth has profound implications for women’s economic, social, and political empowerment – mobile internet can help women access resources like entrepreneurship opportunities, affordable healthcare, and peer learning platforms.

Launching the Senegal Women's Investment Club

We designed and launched a commercially-oriented investment platform where women can learn from one another. The Senegal Women’s Investment Club is the first initiative in the region to mobilize exclusively female investment into a broad portfolio that over time will bridge the gender finance gap by supporting women-led businesses. 

A Group of Visionaries Turn a Dream into Reality

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of the Women’s Investment Club Senegal over the past year, and look forward to expanding the initiative across Francophone West Africa.

Who would have thought that a simple lunch meeting between businesswomen would lead to the launch of the Women’s Investment Club and boost the francophone West African financial sector?

When they met in March 2015, the founding members of Senegal’s Women’s Investment Club did not anticipate the impact this pioneering initiative for women would later have.

Launch of the Senegal Women’s Investment Club – A Journey to the “Missing Middle” in Women-led Investment

Women-led investment has slowly taken off in recent years in developed economies – initiatives such as 37 Angels in the U.S. and UAE-based WOMENA are prime examples. However, in the developing world – where the financing gap is the largest – women-led investment is still an anomaly.

Reviewing the Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion in India 

We completed a landscape review of the gender gap in financial inclusion in India to inform our client's work in the broader financial services and gender ecosystem. We integrated findings into a set of behavior patterns, and highlighted key action items for different stakeholders. 

Decoding Diversity: Financial and Economic Returns of Diversity in Tech

Dalberg and Intel released a new report that shows improving ethnic and gender diversity in the U.S. technology workforce represents a massive economic opportunity, one that could create $470 – $570Bn in new value for the tech industry, and could add 1.2 – 1.6% to national GDP.

Growth on this scale would have major implications for both the labor and consumer markets,

Increasing Employment Opportunities for Women in Southeast Asia through ICT

We analyzed interventions that leverage ICT for female participation in the workforce. We recommended investments to a foundation which could help over 20 million women in Southeast Asia begin and remain productive in their work.

Developing a Strategic Plan for the Center for Reproductive Rights

We supported the Center for Reproductive Rights to develop its five-year strategic plan by identifying key trends, challenges, and opportunities in the reproductive rights landscape and facilitating workshops to help the Center define its vision and core activities.

Decoding Diversity: The Financial and Economic Returns of Diversity in Tech

We worked with Intel to complete a rigorous analysis of gender and ethnic diversity in the U.S. tech workforce. We quantified that improving diversity in the technology sector could create $470 – $570Bn in new value for the tech industry, and could add 1.2 – 1.6% to US GDP.

Supporting the Expansion of Educate Girls

We supported Educate Girls to identify a new country to expand its program to and developed a high-level roadmap for expansion. We helped the NGO to increase its beneficiary base to improve enrolment and retention outcomes in a new country.