We understand that the best research, analysis, and strategic recommendations cannot alone change the world, that’s why we’ve begun to work alongside our clients to bring solutions to life.  We move beyond typical, linear project management trajectories, to an integrated project management unit that has insight across all phases of program implementation. We provide clients with dynamic access to the full range of Dalberg capabilities and capacity to, enhance and amplify development operations.

Dalberg launches an initiative to support start-ups in Nairobi

In recent years, Kenya has established itself as a centre for innovation, with a range of initiatives started in support of this culture. Incubators such as Nailab, iLab and iHub provide space for entrepreneurs to interact, bud and thrive. It’s from such incubators that a range of successful tech-based start-ups across sectors have led to the emergence of Kenya’s ‘Silicon Savanna’.

Launching the Senegal Women's Investment Club

We designed and launched a commercially-oriented investment platform where women can learn from one another. The Senegal Women’s Investment Club is the first initiative in the region to mobilize exclusively female investment into a broad portfolio that over time will bridge the gender finance gap by supporting women-led businesses. 

A Group of Visionaries Turn a Dream into Reality

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of the Women’s Investment Club Senegal over the past year, and look forward to expanding the initiative across Francophone West Africa.

Who would have thought that a simple lunch meeting between businesswomen would lead to the launch of the Women’s Investment Club and boost the francophone West African financial sector?

When they met in March 2015, the founding members of Senegal’s Women’s Investment Club did not anticipate the impact this pioneering initiative for women would later have.

Launch of the Senegal Women’s Investment Club – A Journey to the “Missing Middle” in Women-led Investment

Women-led investment has slowly taken off in recent years in developed economies – initiatives such as 37 Angels in the U.S. and UAE-based WOMENA are prime examples. However, in the developing world – where the financing gap is the largest – women-led investment is still an anomaly.

Delivering Key Government Initiatives in Guinea

Dalberg is working closely with the Prime Minister of Guinea to design, launch, and lead a Delivery Unit (DU) to improve delivery of key government initiatives. As part of the DU’s strategy to strength Guinea’s agricultural sector, Dalberg is supporting the revival of the pineapple value chain, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture. The DU and players along the value chain aim to improve average pineapple yields to 50 tons per hectare, and increase exports via air shipments to 2,500 tons per year.

Transforming Public Sector Agriculture Interventions in Tanzania

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided a first-of-its-kind grant to Dalberg to drive cultural change within the public-sector agricultural system of Tanzania, with the target of launching more effective and efficient ways of doing business. We worked closely with National and Local government, to identify high-potential points of intervention in the agriculture value chain and deploy a team of 10 program officers who work alongside government staff to provide hands-on capacity building.

Identifying Talent to Lead Gavi's Immunization Programs in Asia

We worked with Gavi to deploy experienced global public health managers to support their Expanded Programs on Immunization in several countries across Asia. We recruited managers who integrate strategic analysis with technical expertise to provide game-changing insights, and provided these managers with strategic oversight over a two-year period. 

Safe Surgery - A Hope for Many Mothers

Giving birth should be a special experience for a mother, child and family. But for too many women, pregnancy-related complications lead to death or disability.

The maternal mortality ratio in Tanzania is currently standing at 556 per 100,000 live births. Improving access to safe surgical and obstetric care has been identified by global health experts as an essential strategy for bending the curve on preventable maternal mortality.

Catalyst for Growth

We piloted the SME Catalyst for Growth program with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation in 2012 to provide high-quality business development support to 20 South African SMEs. This pilot program grew into a non-profit which provides an analytics platform for business development support providers serving SMEs in South Africa.


Surgery on a Budget: Saving Lives Where There's No Anesthesiologist

It’s just past noon, and white-coated students bustle across the courtyard of the university hospital. It’s a classic medical school scene, but what’s happening inside one classroom is anything but ordinary. Dr. Henry Mosley, a professor from Johns Hopkins, is coaching physicians and nurses through a series of increasingly absurd tasks. “I’d like all of you to fit your feet on this piece of paper,” the professor says to a group of seven, gesturing toward a letter-size sheet.