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Direct-to-farmer finance: business models for serving the hardest-to-reach smallholders
An estimated 90 percent of smallholder farmers lack strong, consistent relationships with buyers.
Direct to Farmer Finance Innovation Playbook
Dalberg Design led a collaborative research, design and ideation process to explore innovative models for direct-to-farmer finance providers to better serve smallholder farmers.
Robert Fabricant
The Ethics of Innovation
An ethical framework can bridge the worlds of startup technology and international development to strengthen cross-sector innovation in the social sector.
Transforming secondary education in Nigeria
The Ford Foundation and Dalberg analyze the vocational education landscape in Nigeria and identify issues to address, including underlying challenges around policy planning.
What makes a “world-class” city ?
Planners must shift their attention to the informal economy that is the invisible engine of true urban greatness.
Social Entrepreneurs
Meet Your New R&D Team: Social Entrepreneurs
In this post on HBR.org, Robert Fabricant discusses an approach to social innovation that can drive both new opportunities and new behavior within your organization while achieving social impact?