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Adopting A Gender Lens Across Our Work
Adopting a gender lens across all our work
Dalberg is increasingly striving to adopt a gender lens across all of our project work. In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, we share three recent project spotlights from across our portfolio of work, where adopting a gender lens has allowed us to drive value for our clients and deepen the impact of our engagements.

The outputs of these projects include: a guide on gender-sensitive service provision to smallholder farmers, a platform to increase employment opportunities for women in the creative industries, and a set of investment criteria that G7 development finance institutions can use to mobilize gender lens investing commitments and define eligible investments.
New Public Data Set and Tool For Improving Financial Health in India Launched
Aspiring Indians: new public data set and tool for improving financial health in India launched
Dalberg launched a public data set and tool to enable better design for financial health in India, in collaboration with The Centre for Social Behaviour Change at Ashoka University and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
The project uses a unique multi-method research approach, incorporating human-centered design, cognitive psychology, behavioral science, and large-scale, survey-based methods to understand consumers in a comprehensive way.
7 Design Principles to Create Financial Products for Low-income Consumers
7 design principles to create financial products for low-income consumers
Design principles are guidelines that consider the end user experience for a product. The seven principles in this set are illustrated to help deliver a financial product that meets the current and future needs of low-income consumers.
What else and what more, in the name of impact?
What else and what more, in the name of impact?
Letter from our Global Managing Partner, Yana Kakar.
How Development Impact Bonds work, and when to use them
How Development Impact Bonds work, and when to use them
If you’re considering DIBs, we have developed a checklist that uses ten screening criteria to help you refine your program design—or else determine that another results-based financing mechanism may be more appropriate.
Gender Lens Investing Moving beyond a trend
Gender Lens Investing: Moving Beyond A Trend
Gender lens and gender smart investing has seen tremendous growth in the past several years – in the past year alone, the size of the public and private market has nearly doubled. There is clear investor interest in bringing a gender analysis into financial analysis. Yet despite this growth, some investors still question whether gender lens investing is simply the latest trend that will be set aside in the new year. 

State of Aadhaar
Dalberg to host State of Aadhaar Initiative 
We are excited to announce that Dalberg Advisors is hosting the State of Aadhaar initiative for 2019 and 2020. Sponsored by Omidyar Network, the initiative aims to increase the knowledge base around India’s digital ID, Aadhaar.  
Rwanda tourism and hospitality
Employment opportunities for youth in Rwanda
Dalberg and the Mastercard Foundation’s Hanga Ahazaza initiative are partnering on a project that aims to equip 30,000 youth with tourism and hospitality skills.
The missing middles: segmenting enterprises to better understand their financial Needs
The missing middles: segmenting enterprises to better understand their financial needs
In partnership with the Collaborative for Frontier Finance, Omidyar Network, Dutch Good Growth Fund and Dalberg Advisors have worked together to develop a segmentation framework with the aim of helping investors, intermediaries, and entrepreneurs better navigate the complex landscape of SGB investment in frontier and emerging markets.  
 Process Learnings from The Educate Girls Development Impact Bond
Lessons from the Educate Girls Development Impact Bond
The Educate Girls Development Impact Bond, the first DIB in India and in education globally, shows that these bonds can drive significant innovation and impact gains, even in organizations that already have a strong trajectory of delivery.