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malaria zambia
Dalberg Data Insights Protects Malaria-Free Zones in Zambia
Mapping Malaria Risk Flows through Human Mobility
Singapore on track to become go-to city for innovative global solutions
Singapore has all the ingredients to be a powerhouse in addressing the SDGs.
We capture the social value of private data
Our data-driven solutions uncover actionable insights to better understand, act upon, and evaluate social issues.
GDPR: The implications for Africa
How African governments can further data protection policies in their national development agendas.
Safe Surgery for Women: Sharing Rahel's Story
Safe surgery for women: sharing Rahel's Story
Safe Surgery 2020 is a global partnership established to make surgery safe, affordable and accessible for all. Thanks to its work, Rahel was able to safely have a Caesarian section in rural Ethiopia.
The African Development Bank has announced the appointment of Yana Kakar to the Presidential Youth Advisory Group, which provides insights and innovative solutions for creating jobs for Africa’s youth. 
African Development Bank appoints Yana Kakar to its Presidential Youth Advisory Group
The African Development Bank announces the appointment of Yana Kakar to the Presidential Youth Advisory Group in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.
New Dalberg Study Shows Social, Economic and Environmental Viability of Scaling Ethanol Cooking Fuel in Kenya
New Dalberg study shows social, economic and environmental viability of scaling ethanol cooking fuel in Kenya
Principal findings of a triple-bottom-line study on scaling clean ethanol cooking fuel in Kenya.
Happy Cities  Summit: Amaravati 2018
Happy Cities Summit: Amaravati 2018
A global summit on urban innovation centered on the principles of "Happiness".
plastic pollution
Why a cross-value chain approach is key to tackling plastics pollution
Individual behavior change is at the heart of systemic transformation.
[Podcast] Gaurav Gupta on UNLEASH, What Makes An Effective Social Enterprise, and Much More
Dalberg's Gaurav Gupta on what makes an effective social enterprise
Gaurav Gupta is interviewed by BFM, an independent radio station in Malaysia.