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Dalberg Expands its Media Business to Amplify and Influence the Global Development Agenda
Dalberg is expanding its media capabilities and has acquired London-based Impact Squared, a movement-building consultancy.
Slippery slope: protecting Pirin from unsustainable recreation and logging
A WWF report by Dalberg shows Pirin National Park, one of Europe’s most important biodiversity hotspots, has suffered irreparable damage from the construction and expansion of Bansko ski resort.
Big pools, bigger splashes: how corporate social responsibility funds in India can maximize impact and efficiency
Corporate social responsibility spending in India is characterized by hundreds of small to mid-sized spenders whose impact could be increased with the introduction of theme-based funds that aggregate spending.
Solar panels
2018 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report released
The latest report from Dalberg, GOGLA and the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global Program shows that $922 million has been raised since 2012, while an estimated 130 million products have been sold to date, reaching 360 million people with life-changing technology.
Data privacy
Privacy on the line
A multi-disciplinary team from Dalberg, the Future of Finance Initiative at Dvara Research and CGAP asks: how do ordinary Indian citizens think and act on their privacy and data protection?
The curious case of Myanmar: can the country leapfrog to digital financial inclusion?
Less than a quarter of Myanmar's population currently has bank accounts, and there are only two ATMs per 100,000 adults in the country. But there's huge potential for Myanmar to leapfrog to digital financial inclusion, as Varad Pande and Nipun Jasuja explain in Next Billion.
Inyenyeri and Dalberg form a new partnership to bring clean cookstoves to sub-Saharan Africa
Inyenyeri, an organization dedicated to bringing clean cookstoves to Rwanda, is working with Dalberg to improve access to clean cookstoves.
most responsible asset allocators
Ground-breaking study of 25 most responsible asset allocators
Dalberg has developed a new ranking of the world’s most responsible sovereign wealth and government pension funds, in partnership with the Bretton Woods II program at New America, the Global Development Incubator and the Fletcher School at Tufts University.
Mergers and acquisitions: is India’s non-profit sector ready?
India’s non-profit sector is highly fragmented and characterized by a long tail of sub-scale organisations. Could mergers help to drive greater impact?
Raw Talks Interviews Yana Kakar
Dalberg Advisors’ Global Managing Partner Yana Kakar discusses how to sustainably transform the latent value of mining, oil and gas into development with Raw Talks.