Our Ideas

Events around the 72nd UN General Assembly
We have created a database of side events around the 72nd UN General Assembly to facilitate communal engagement.
off-grid appliances market
Opportunities abound in off-grid appliances market
As efforts shift towards providing more robust electrification services for off-grid communities, interest in off-grid solutions for TV, cooling and refrigeration will increase.
How building a market for toilet loans can help fix India’s open defecation woes
There’s a huge opportunity for financial institutions to offer toilet loans to supplement a government incentive.
Start Up Saturday
Dalberg launches an initiative to support start-ups in Nairobi
Recognising that entrepreneurship holds a lot of potential for solving societal problems, promoting job creation and driving economic growth, Dalberg Nairobi has launched an initiative to support the start-up community.
Leadership in uncertain times
What it means to lead now: social impact leaders respond to uncertain times
This is the first blog in a series looking at how social impact leaders are responding to recent political disruptions.
Dalberg Announces New Research Business
Research Solutions Africa Joins Dalberg as Dalberg Research
Meeting People Where They Are: Smallholder Farmers
There are an estimated 500 million smallholder farmers who live and work in low- and middle-income countries and are highly underserved by critical services.
Delivering Key Government Initiatives in Guinea
Dalberg is working closely with the Prime Minister of Guinea to design, launch, and lead a Delivery Unit to improve delivery of key government initiatives.
Meeting People Where They Are - Smallscale Fisherfolk
Ocean fisheries are one of our most important and resilient resources, yet they are in crisis. Nearly 40% of fisheries have collapsed or are overexploited, risking the livelihoods 350 million people, the food security nearly of 3 billion people, and threatening countless species in the world’s most bio-diverse waters.
The role of multi-stakeholder initiatives in promoting the resilience of smallholder agriculture to climate change in Africa
Our study looks at how we can build stronger smallholder farmer resilience to climate change impacts in Africa.