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New Book: International Leaders Spell Out 17 Big Bets for a Better World
17 bold and innovative ideas to reduce global poverty and improve lives
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Making 5-Minute Loans a Reality with India Stack
Business Challenges Booklet
Dalberg Design worked closely with CGAP to develop the Business Challenges Booklet. This booklet offers guidance to financial service providers on how to overcome the three most common business challenges.
Customer Experience Toolkit
Dalberg Design collaborated with CGAP to develop the Customer Experience Toolkit. This resource -and its accompanying workbook- equips organizations to create empowering customer experiences.
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Here’s Why Millions of Kids Won’t be Heading to College This Year – And What We Can Do About It
As millions of students prepare to go back to college, young people from certain demographics - especially low-income youth and those whose parents didn’t go to college - are likely to be underrepresented in their ranks. Dalberg has been advising First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative to better understand why many students aren’t making it to and through college, and what we can do to change it.
What is the power of sport to change lives?
In spite of the slim odds of attaining fame and fortune as a professional athlete, mere participation in sport can be a powerful tool for economic and social mobility.
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If you work in development in Africa, you need to get on board with Black Lives Matter
White privilege goes hand in hand with the injustice minorities face in the United States. If development organizations don’t face and address the significance of this privilege in Africa, they will export similar issues worldwide (and arguably are already doing so).
Decoding Diversity: Financial and Economic Returns of Diversity in Tech
Dalberg and Intel released a new report that shows improving ethnic and gender diversity in the U.S. technology workforce represents a massive economic opportunity, one that could create $470 – $570Bn in new value for the tech industry.
How Businesses Can Help Refugees And Why It’s A Good Investment
Ruma Bose and James I. Mwangi challenge companies to support refugees by tapping their core competencies.
Enhancing the Resilience of Migrants
We must recognize the vast human cost incurred when migration is not managed well. Developing an effective strategy to support migrants can be daunting because the needs of migrants vary enormously.