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Driving Demand for Chlorhexidine Toolkit
Dalberg Design worked closely with USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII) to develop the "Driving Demand for Chlorhexidine toolkit", to support the development and adaptation of tools to drive demand of chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care.
Surgery on a Budget: Saving Lives Where There's No Anesthesiologist
Globally, increasing access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthetic care could save 1.5 million lives a year and drastically improve the lives of millions more.
The State of the Off-Grid Appliance Market
With over two billion people worldwide lacking access to reliable electricity, the global off-grid appliance market is critical for increasing access to electricity and services. In particular, renewable energy technologies like the fast-growing solar portable lamps and solar home systems are helping to bridge the gap.
The Planet's Health is Essential to Prevent Infectious Disease
The new field of planetary health examines the link between human health and the environment to prevent viral pandemics such as Zika and Ebola
How to Save Nigeria’s Economy and Stop Corruption
This New York Times op-ed explains how bad policy turns a currency crisis into a recession.
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Lessons in Entrepreneurship, From Two of Africa’s Most Successful Business Leaders
James Mwangi and Ashish Thakkar explain that the only way we’ll create hundreds of thousands of jobs is by placing big bets on small businesses.
The Impact of Private Investment in Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
Private capital, including impact investments, is flowing throughout SSA to innovative low-cost education business models, high-impact technology products and financial systems with the intention to bridge the access to education gap across the continent.
Financing Cataract Solutions for the Developing World
A unique coalition of eye health NGOs worked together with Dalberg Capital to build a financing mechanism that will bring on new funders in eye care.
The Trials, Restrictions, and Costs of Traveling in Africa if You’re an African
As the AfDB releases its new Africa Visa Openness Report, Ciku Kimeria in Quartz Africa shares her experiences as a Kenyan attempting to travel as a tourist in West Africa.
The Innovation Guide for Funders
Dalberg Design collaborated with the Rockefeller Foundation to design an online platform to support funders in the process of evaluating innovation methods and managing an innovation portfolio.