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Meeting People Where They Are - Underemployed Youth
Of the 420 million youth aged 15 to 35 in Africa today, the majority are unemployed, discouraged, or marginally employed in informal sector, where jobs are typically less stable and have lower earnings potential.
expecting mother
Meeting People Where They Are - Expecting Mothers
Expecting mothers struggle with access to quality information and care for their newborns. This contributes to a high number of infant deaths worldwide - as many as 2.8 million in 2013 - within the first 28 days of life. 
Entrepreneurship and inclusive growth
Entrepreneurship and inclusive growth
Dalberg hosts panel celebrating nearly two decades of work in Africa.
Dalberg Data Insights is a 2017 WSIS Prize Champion
Dalberg Data Insights was honored for a mobile data analytics project.
Dalberg GSMA report
Accelerating affordable smartphone ownership in emerging markets
This report by GSMA and Dalberg explores how to improve smartphone affordability.
Iftar dinner
Dalberg hosts a private sector week in Dar es Salaam culminates in Iftar dinner for 150+ business leaders
As part of a Private Sector Week organized by our Dar es Salaam office, Dalberg, The Africa List and the CEO Roundtable hosted an Iftar dinner to celebrate Dalberg’s 10 years in Africa.
Jeff Bezos
“Day 1” philanthropy done right: an open letter to Jeff Bezos
On June 15, 2017, Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, posted on Twitter a “request for ideas” for philanthropy. Dalberg’s Rachna Saxena responds to his call for advice.
Safe Surgery - A Hope for Many Mothers
With the maternal mortality ratio in Tanzania currently standing at 556 per 100,000 births, Tanzania's Ministry of Health partnered with Safe Surgery 2020 to improve surgery outcomes by developing and implementing a National Surgical Obstetric and Anaesthesia Plan.
Looking to the past to help shape the future of work
Previous periods of mass disruption and displacement could provide insight for how the future of employment will shape up.
DDI at a conference
Telegana Today: Firms must use Big Data efficiently: Experts
Industry specialists participating in the ICT4D believe that many people are not able to realize the true potential of the huge data that is available globally.