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The Road Ahead
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Human-Centered Design: The Design Ecosystem
Dalberg Design offers a comprehensive framework for strengthening the design ecosystem, identifying key market failures and opportunities to align capacity building with market needs.
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Human-Centered Design: The Design Process
Human centered design provides a robust framework for integrating user needs throughout the program design and implementation process.
Salvemos Doñana
Doñana es un humedal reconocido internacionalmente con gran valor económico, ambiental y social El complejo de humedales de Doñana incluye un sitio del Patrimonio Mundial, un parque natural y cuatro espacios de la red Natura 2000.
The Landscape for Impact Investing in West Africa
The Global Impact Investing Network, in partnership with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, published The Landscape for Impact Investing in West Africa, a state of the market analysis of the impact investing industry in the region.
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Mobilizing Banking For Indonesia's Poor
In this article published in MIT Innovations journal, Michael Mori and Trevor Zimmer assess the demand for mobile financial services and branchless banking among poor Indonesians and suggests how businesses should design and market financial products to incentivize adoption
Fishermen First: Protecting the People Behind What We Eat
In this post on The Huffington Post, Robert Fabricant and John B. Thomas discuss the violations of human rights inherent to the fishing industry today, and offer some promising ideas to create a more sustainable food system and improve the lives of fisherfolk.
What if Global Development was Funded by Developing Countries' Money?
Increasing bank deposits and investing pension funds differently could reduce developing countries’ reliance on international donors
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Empowering Women to Use the Mobile Internet
This groundbreaking report, based on user research that we conducted in Kenya, India and Indonesia, analyzes the challenges women face when accessing mobile internet.
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Protecting People Through Nature
This Dalberg and WWF report shows that natural World Heritage sites support livelihoods for communities, and provide communities with vital protection against the impacts of climate change.