From harnessing big data to door-to-door primary research to analytical approaches though participatory methods, Dalberg can employ the appropriate data collection strategy to answer any question. We provide quality primary data and in-depth research to help clients better understand the drivers of complex problems in emerging markets where data and insights are often sparse.




Dalberg to host State of Aadhaar Initiative 

We are excited to announce that Dalberg Advisors is hosting the State of Aadhaar initiative for 2019 and 2020. Sponsored by Omidyar Network, the initiative aims to increase the knowledge base around India’s digital ID, Aadhaar. 

Trevor Zimmer

Trevor Zimmer is a Director at Dalberg Design, where he leads project engagement with public and private sector clients to apply design as a facilitative process and skillset. He believes that design better enables teams and organizations to collaborate across disciplines; align interests, contribute to organizational learnings, and identify solutions. His focus is on global health, change management, and new ventures.

Nneka Eze on catalyzing growth in Nigeria through regional innovation hubs

In a World Bank podcast, Nneka Eze, Partner and Lagos Office Director, discusses a recent project Dalberg worked on with the Office of the Vice-President of Nigeria to understand the state of innovation in the country, and the potential of innovation hubs. From analysis of global innovation hubs, Nneka explains that there are seven different types of innovation hubs – ranging from science and technology parks, to accelerators, and research centres – and four guiding principles that differentiate successful hubs.

Customer experience playbook

The Customer Experience (CX) Playbook is divided into the following eight sections detailing different stages of embedding customer centricity within the organization. Each section contains operating principles and useful tools for each stage. The Playbook also describes typical challenges faced in implementing such projects along with suggested solutions. Use the CX Playbook for either end-to-end CX projects or specific aspects such as user research or CX ideation.  

The Innovation Guide for Funders

Innovation isn’t just a matter of luck but a process that can be managed, supported and nurtured. Foundations and donors, who have acted as investors in social change, can be stewards of innovation as well. In 2016, Dalberg Design collaborated with a Rockefeller Foundation to design an online platform to support funders in the process of evaluating innovation methods and managing an innovation portfolio.

Financial Inclusion Fit to Size: Customizing Digital Credit for Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania

Digital credit products represent an important financial inclusion opportunity for smallholder farmers in Tanzania, where close to 80% of the workforce is engaged in farming. Uptake of these products by smallholder farmers, however, remains limited. 

To address this challenge, Dalberg's Design used a human-centered design (HCD) approach across three regions of Tanzania to produce behavioral insights around smallholder farmers’ interaction with, and demand for, digital credit products. 

A Global Framework for Financial Health

We collaborated with the Center for Financial Inclusion and the Center for Financial Services Innovation to analyze whether a global version of a financial health framework could advance our collective, holistic understanding of consumer behavior and deepen our appreciation for the impact of finance on personal well-being among the poor.

Learn more about our findings.

Measuring Financial Health in Developing Countries

Working together with the Center for Financial Services Innovation & the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, we sought to understand whether a global version of their financial health framework could advance our collective understanding of consumer behavior and deepen our appreciation of the impact of finance on personal well-being among the poor.

Understanding Indian Consumers' Readiness for Digital Financial Services

In partnership with Omidyar Network, we sought to understand the context and behaviors of Indian consumers regarding digital consumption and readiness for digital financial services. We leveraged in-depth interviews with consumers across urban, semi-urban, and rural areas, and human-centered design prototyping sessions, to uncover behavioral insights.

Surveying Smallholder Tea Farmers' Responses to Frost Mitigation

As part of USAID and NASA’s SERVIR initiative, we conducted a survey of 425 smallholder tea farmers in Kericho and Nandi Hills, Kenya, to examine their current behavior towards frost mitigation and response, and their perceptions as to the potential value of frost monitoring technology.