Dalberg Design engages people, communities and organizations to foster creative solutions to enhance economic opportunity and human potential. We combine the best skills in human-centered design, rapid prototyping and systems thinking to accelerate positive change in underserved communities around the world.

We integrate rigorous, data-based analytical approaches with creative, empathetic and participatory methods to create better solutions, more actionable plans and sustained engagement. Our interdisciplinary team serves a truly global client base from dedicated Dalberg Design studios in New York, London, Nairobi and Mumbai, alongside integrated teams across the 17 Dalberg offices.

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Dalberg Design


Sustainable Fisheries

The Dalberg Design team has spent considerable time working with communities to better understand the needs of smallholder fishermen and effectively test and prototype livelihood interventions that strengthen benefits for a variety of stakeholders in local value chains. 

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Employment to Education

Dalberg Design has spent considerable time working with youth across communities to understand the overarching patterns in their career journeys, key defining moments, and employment challenges in their specific socio-economic contexts.

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ICT and Mobile for Development

Communication technology can play a transformative role in increasing the availability and timeliness of information to support better decision-making and more meaningful collaborations in every sector – from financial services to disaster response. 

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