Dalberg Media aims to launch digital and traditional media channels and products to influence the global development agenda and key decision makers worldwide. We develop websites, interactive online platforms, visuals and graphics to share the global trends, latest innovations, and best practices that are shaping global development today.

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We believe that the transition towards a more inclusive and sustainable world hinges on empowering the people living in it. As such, we rarely advise on the best solutions but create the platforms, initiatives and products that enable people to find solutions, develop them and bring them to life. By offering people the knowledge, tools and frameworks to act, we empower our clients and audiences to play an impactful and leading role in affecting action towards a sustainable future.


Our Approach



Since 2015, Dalberg Media has carried out projects across sectors and geographies, but with a joint focus on increasing awareness and mobilize partners and resources to the global development agenda. The below map showcases a number of our featured projects from around the world. All former projects can be found by scrolling through the project descriptions below the map.


United States of America

U.S.: Global Innovation Hub

Dalberg Media was commissioned by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, to help structure an online knowledge platform and a funding facility for social entrepreneurs to increase the likelihood of implementation of their sustainable development ideas.



UNLEASH is a global initiative envisioning to build the world’s leading platform for novel and scalable solutions to reach the SDGs. Each year leading up to 2030, 1,000 hand-picked talents will come together for an immersive 10 days of co-creation to develop smart solutions to the SDGs. In 2019, UNLEASH takes places in Shenzhen, China.   


Big Bet Match-Up Meeting on Distributed Business Models 

Rockefeller Foundation & the Observer Research Foundation, 2017 
Dalberg Media executed a Big Bet Match-Up Meeting in Jaipur, India to explore the potential of distributed business models as an overarching response to some of the most pressing SDG-challenges, India is facing.


P4G Partnership Facilitation Program during the P4G Copenhagen Summit 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, 2018
Dalberg Media conceptualized and executed a number of partnership acceleration workshops for +500 high-level multi stakeholders at the P4G Summit in Copenhagen in October 2018 focusing on water, food and agriculture, cities, energy and circular economy.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Future is Ours

Cyclance Inc., 2016  
Dalberg Media was commissioned to develop a millennial engagement strategy to put young people at the front and center of key events, such as COP22 and the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.  


Redesigning an online auto-diagnostics tool

The Dalberg team worked with UNICEF Colombia to redesign an online auto-diagnostics tool with the goal to support the private sector’s participation in guaranteeing the rights of boys, girls and adolescents in Colombia. 




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    Climate Policy


    Dalberg Media makes a conscious and informed effort at limiting the global carbon footprint accruing from its operations. This includes efforts at minimising emissions on an ongoing basis by always considering climate friendly alternatives when available.  

    Since late 2018, Dalberg Media offsets all carbon emissions associated with air travel by investing in avoided deforestation and reforestation through the platform CarbonFund. 
    Dalberg Media purchases electricity from NaturEnergi, a utilities company investing exclusively in renewable energy, thereby ensuring net zero emissions from its electricity use, while supporting the local transition to a renewable energy supply. 

    We recognise that offsetting travel and office operations does not encapsulate the entirety of CO2 emissions originating from our work. Production of computers and other hardware, heating, lunch etc. is not currently accounted for. As we mature our approach to offsetting, we aspire to factor this in – not only to become carbon neutral, but also to create a surplus. Do you have insights or sources that you would like to share with us, you are always welcome to get in touch here.

    You can read more about our policy here.