Alexis Eggermont
Managing Partner ,

Alexis  Eggermont is Managing Partner of Dalberg Data Insights, which is the Big Data entity of the Dalberg Group. Previously, he was part of the founding team of Real Impact Analytics since 2011, aiming at developing Big Data apps for telecom operators mostly in emerging economies, counting more than 140 staff and 4 offices.

He worked as a health economist with Doctors Without Borders in several African countries and as a management consultant in London. In 2014, Alexis founded and was the CEO of Eager Analytics, a company based in China aiming at developing IoT analytics apps in various industries.

He is a Fulbright scholar and graduated from Harvard Kennedy School in 2014. He also graduated from the University of Brussels (Solvay) and the London School of Economics. He is an avid traveler who has lived on 4 continents and explored places from North Korea to Yemen or Honduras