Data Scientist, Dalberg Data Insights

Kristyna Tomsu Data Insights

Kristýna is a Data Scientist and Global Health Lead at Dalberg Data Insights. At Dalberg, she has worked in the global health, gender and financial inclusion practice areas. Her main focus is on using big data in the domain of global health. She has worked on incorporating mobility insights coming from phone call meta-data into epidemiological models for Ebola in West Africa, Malaria in Zambia, and Tuberculosis in The Gambia. Other projects include gender prediction based on phone usage patterns or developing dashboards to monitor mobile money usage of the poor in Uganda. Throughout the different projects, she has done back-end data crunching and analysis, front-end app design and visualizations as well as project management and leading donor discussions.

Prior to Dalberg, Kristýna was one of the first members of Real Impact Analytics’ Data for Good team, exploring ways how telecom data can be used to deliver insights for public good.

Kristýna has a MSc in Clinical Linguistics from the consortium of University of Groningen, University of Potsdam and University of Eastern Finland. She complemented her education by taking several MOOC on data science, coding and machine learning.

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