Management Assistant, Dalberg Data Insights

Malaz Safarjalani Data Insights

Malaz is a management assistant at Dalberg Data Insights, responsible for financial management, people and office operations. He oversees monthly cashflow execution and healthy reporting, in addition to helping the team with internal projects. His mission in DDI is to ensure operational scalability and efficiency.
Malaz worked in finance for Real Impact Analytics and currently leads back office support. Previously, he took part in research initiatives aiming to understand the higher education crisis of migrant communities and displaced persons, namely Jamiya Project and several European Commission research missions on the same topic in Europe and the Levant.
Malaz has an academic background and experience in financial management from Damascus and studied his 2nd master’s in European Business Economics in Bruges, where he moved after the Damascus revolt in 2011. He has interest and prior academic experience in English literary criticism. He is a swimmer, and a radical feminist in the making.

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