Study of Capacities of the UN Development System to Accelerate Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals

A Dalberg study, requested by the United Nations Secretary-General, analyses the UN Development System’s capacity to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It makes comparisons with a similar study conducted in 2017, examines progress since a major repositioning of the UN Development System in 2019, and identifies opportunities for enhancing capabilities in the years ahead. 

This review shows that, since the repositioning in 2019, the UN Development System has become better aligned to support the SDGs, primarily due to more coherent programmatic work by UN agencies, coordinated and enabled by RC leadership, at the country level. 

The study identified seven key enablers of integrated policy advice and of coherent action in support of the SDGs. It finds that significant progress has been made by the UN Development System in activating different enablers, but also that more can be done to enhance the capabilities of the UN to support achievement of SDGs through coherent advice and action.


Read the full report here: Updated Study of UNDS Capacities & Functions to Accelerate Progress on the SDGs 

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