• For which positions and offices is Dalberg currently hiring?
    • Our hiring focus changes frequently, based on the needs of our businesses and offices. All of our current open positions are listed on the “Job Openings” page of our website and posted on our LinkedIn page. These pages are updated as new positions open, so we encourage you to check frequently.
  • What if my background and/or location preferences do not match currently open positions?
    • If the listed positions do not match your background or location preference, you can apply through the General Application link on our “Current Openings” page. Applying through this process adds your CV and details to our databases, but not into an active recruiting process. You should continue to monitor our website and update your application if you see an active position that is of interest and fits your background and location preferences.
  • When does recruiting take place for Dalberg Advisors?
    • For most positions, recruiting takes place on an annual basis. Open positions will always be listed on the “Current Openings” page of our website, which is updated as new positions open. Recruiting for undergraduate level analysts begins in August, with a start date for the following year. Recruiting for first-year graduate level (e.g., MBA, MPA) consultants begins in December. Please check our website around these times for additional information on the application process and deadlines.
  • Does Dalberg Advisors hire interns?
    • Dalberg Advisors recruit a wide range of graduate and undergraduate level interns. Globally, recruitment for graduate interns begins each December and information will be posted on our website at that time. Recruitment for undergraduate interns varies by region, please check our job openings section for relevant postings.
  • What does Dalberg Advisors look for in an ideal candidate?
    • While there is not one profile or characteristic that defines an ideal candidate, there are a number of characteristics that we typically see in successful candidates:
      – Professional services experience with a top management consulting firm
      – Experience living, studying, or working in a developing country
      – Academic credentials from a leading university
      – Analytical and quantitative coursework or experience
      – Entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to build our organization Long-term commitment to raising living standards around the world
  • What should I expect in my interview for Dalberg Advisors?
    • As part of our interview process, you will be asked to work through a case study with your interviewer. This will give you an example of the challenges we address each day and give us a chance to see you use your problem solving skills and knowledge to tackle these issues. These cases will be similar to the case interview format used by many management consulting firms, but will focus on international development-related challenges to reflect the type of work that we do. Your interviewer may also ask you about your past academic and professional experiences, team and leadership activities, and your specific interests in development and our work.
  • How can I prepare for Dalberg Advisors interviews?
    • The best way to prepare for our interviews is to practice case studies. You can find practice cases and tips for approaching case interviews on the internet. We recommend reviewing these materials and practicing actual case studies with friends and family. We also recommend reading our website and blog to become familiar with our practice areas and past projects. This will support your preparation for the case studies, which are based on the type of work that we do, and for additional interview questions, which may focus on how your studies and experience relate to our work.
  • How can I find out more about what it’s like to work at Dalberg?
    • To learn more about Dalberg, we encourage you to join one of our regular informational sessions. These webinars provide an overview of our work, what it is like to work at Dalberg, our recruiting process, and an opportunity to ask questions directly to our staff. Webinars are held periodically throughout the year.
  • What is the typical career path at Dalberg Advisors?
    • Dalberg offers a highly entrepreneurial environment with no single fixed career path. This is demonstrated in the numerous paths taken by our current consultants and alumni. For example, we have staff who have stayed at Dalberg from early in their career through to the partner level, staff who have left for graduate school and returned to Dalberg after graduation, and alumni who left Dalberg to pursue other opportunities in the sector. Career progression at Dalberg is based on performance. Therefore, there are no set lengths of time that consultants are required to stay in a position before being considered for promotion. Promotion decisions are made based on our ongoing feedback and professional development processes. In addition to informal feedback provided throughout projects, consultants receive formal feedback at the end of each client engagement and every six months during their professional development review.


  • What does Dalberg offer staff in terms of professional development?
    • We are committed to providing our staff with training and professional development opportunities. Training begins when new hires join the firm and continues throughout staff careers, consisting of both formal training sessions and more informal on-the-job training within case teams. Typically, new hires participate in orientation training during their first days at the firm, providing an introduction to the firm and delving into technical skills. The firm also hosts global training programs for staff entering new roles, for example new consultants, new managers, and new partners. In addition, regional and global retreats have a strong emphasis on training-related activities. Finally, office-based trainings are offered on an ongoing basis. These include formal training, covering core consulting skills such as problem definition and structuring, research planning, and presentation skills, as well as less formal training offerings such as a Learning Lunch series.
  • Will I specialize in a certain topic area?
    • Early in their careers, consultants typically do not specialize in one content area, and we encourage consultants to gain exposure to a variety of topics and types of projects early in their tenure. At the same time, consultants can join firm-wide practice areas, focused on specific themes or sectors, to build expertise in the areas they are most interested in. Our senior staff members typically build their platform in two to three practice areas.
  • How are consultants assigned to projects?
    • Each Dalberg region has a staffing coordinator who manages consultants’ project assignments. Project decisions are based on a variety of factors, including consultants’ professional development goals, interests, and availability, and clients’ needs for specific skills and experience. The staffing team does its best to consider consultants’ preferences when making staffing decisions, while balancing these with business and client needs.
  • How much do Dalberg employees travel?
    • Consultants should expect to travel while working at Dalberg. The level of travel required varies by office, position, and project, and can be influenced by consultants’ preferences. Travel is often to present findings, work with the client, or conduct on-the-ground research. In addition, on projects where the Dalberg team comprises consultants from multiple offices, some team members may travel to work in-person with their colleagues for a period of time. The duration of travel will vary based on the trip’s purpose and distance traveled. Trips for client meetings or presentations can be as short as one day or night. Trips that require consultants to travel further distances from their home offices may be structured as two to three continuous weeks. While some projects require weekly trips to the clients’ offices, this type of travel is less typical for Dalberg than at many other management consulting firms.
  • Will I have an opportunity to work in other offices?
    • Dalberg believes that giving staff opportunities to work across different offices is an important way to create a fulfilling experience for consultants and support knowledge and skill sharing across regions. Cross-office opportunities can take multiple forms, including single project assignments with another office; a short-term transfer for a set time period; or, less commonly, a permanent transfer. Transfer requests, both short-term and permanent, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration employees’ time with the firm, experience, and preferences, as well as Dalberg office needs.

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