We offer a distinctive platform for people who want to bring their intelligence, business skills and experience to bear on global challenges. We seek candidates with a blend of skills and experience, who are exceptional problem-solvers, capable of rigorous analysis, and knowledgeable about project management. We are looking for passionate, committed people who are open to join a growing, entrepreneurial organization.



In all we do, we seek to actively uncover, build, fuel and sustain the potential of people everywhere. Whether working alongside our clients, starting our own ventures or collaborating, we are always focused on creating positive impact. 

We strive to be innovative. We look for creative ways to combine what we know with what doesn’t yet exist. If we can’t solve a problem with a proven method, we design a new one. We support ideas, people and approaches that challenge the status quo.



We value, understand and nurture people at all levels of our organization. We invest in each person’s growth, and support each other to be bold in our approaches to creating a more sustainable and inclusive world. Read more about diversity at Dalberg.

We ask the tough questions and work until we find the right answers. We are thoughtful, diligent and passionate problem solvers. We bring together many different approaches to finding the best solutions, and refine our skillsets along the way.









“Dalberg encourages innovation and cultivates borderless mindsets in developing solutions for the global challenges that we tackle. Knowing that I am able to champion ideas and actions that will positively impact villages, communities, and even nations, is incredibly fulfilling.”

Dalberg Advisors,Nairobi

I joined Dalberg’s Nairobi office three and a half years ago, after graduating from the University of Nairobi. My time at Dalberg has allowed me to stretch my capabilities and learn new things, acquire new skills, travel to 15 different countries and experience holistic growth in my professional and personal life.

“Dalberg has brought together a hugely diverse community of people, who are committed to changing the world for the better, and to supporting each together to reach our collective and individual goals. The people I work with everyday are much more than colleagues; they are my friends, my thought partners, my family.”

Assistant Office Manager – Human Capital
Dalberg Advisors,Nairobi

I am a HR Lead currently supporting Dalberg’s offices in Dar es Salaam, Addis Ababa and Nairobi. I joined Dalberg’s Nairobi office in May 2012.

“My time at Dalberg taught me the importance of faith and patience. Affecting change is hard, and it’s even harder to track it. To keep doing what you’re doing means to have faith in the process and the patience to see it through, even if your impact on people may take years to unravel.”

Dalberg Advisors,Abu Dhabi

I joined Dalberg as an Analyst and moved from Johannesburg to Dakar to Abu Dhabi. Over the next two years, I progressed to Consultant, before I moved on to Stanford to pursue an MBA and a Master’s in Education.

“Since joining Dalberg, I have worked across a very broad range of sectors – from global health and improving access to medicines for neglected tropical diseases, to renewable energy and conservation. The breadth of exposure at Dalberg is unparalleled, allowing me to explore new issues and find topics that I am truly passionate about.”

Dalberg Advisors,London

I joined Dalberg in 2014, following a summer internship in our Geneva office, and recently transferred to London. Before Dalberg, I worked with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and their Access to Essential Medicines Campaign, having studied Economics at the University of Cambridge.

“At Dalberg, if I have an idea or want to try a new approach, there is so much support to just make a plan and do it. There is a real culture of entrepreneurialism that encourages everyone – at any level – to use the amazing resources Dalberg has to try new things and lead on issues they care about.”

Senior Consultant
Dalberg Advisors, Mumbai

I joined Dalberg as an Analyst in 2014 after graduating from Princeton University with a degree in Economics. For the past three years, I’ve been working on Dalberg’s projects in India and Hong Kong with a focus on organizational strategy, and more recently I’ve been pushing forward Dalberg-led initiatives to improve education in India.

“Dalberg’s mission and values constantly shape our project work. In all we do, we consider the long-term impact for the communities we aim to serve. This pushes us to think of innovative ways to tackle development issues and motivates us to work tirelessly to bring stakeholders together to implement these solutions.”

Associate Partner
Dalberg Advisors, Dakar

I joined Dalberg’s Dakar office after seven years of experience in strategy and management consulting across Europe and Africa. Throughout my career and at Dalberg, I have supported clients from both the public and private sectors in areas such as economic development, organizational efficiency, program design and implementation.

Current Openings

Maximize your potential. Tackle the world’s toughest problems. Build expertise on topics you care about. At Dalberg, we are working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people, everywhere, can reach their fullest potential.

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