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Funding Agricultural Innovation for the Global South: Does it Promote Sustainable Agricultural Intensification?

What does the global agricultural innovation investment landscape look like? This study provides a global baseline for investments in agricultural innovation, looking at who is investing and how funds are being invested, including how much of this funding aims to promote the multiple economic, environmental, and social objectives of sustainable agricultural intensification (SAI).


The Opportunity to Reverse Devastating Biodiversity Loss through a Nature-Positive Economy

Earth’s biodiversity is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Its continued loss would be dire for humanity, but a new report published by the WWF in collaboration with Dalberg sets out deliberate choices that if acted on by governments, policy holders and societies at large, could reverse this trend and prevent disaster.


More than a Public Health Crisis: Air Pollution’s Impact on the Indian Economy

Air pollution costs Indian businesses about USD $95 billion every year, around 3% of India’s total GDP. To save lives and improve economic prospects, businesses and policymakers must become more active advocates for clean air by showing how much the economy and society stands to gain.


The Disproportionate Impact of Covid-19 on Women in India — And New Hope for Recovery Efforts

Supporting women’s recovery from the pandemic would be a wise investment for governments and could help mitigate the long term impact of the pandemic on future generations, a study by Dalberg suggests.



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