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E-buses are accelerating e-mobility in Latin America

Latin America’s biggest cities are tackling climate and mobility by investing in e-buses with the support of key stakeholders including government, manufacturers, financiers, and operators. Dalberg Partner, Fabiola Salman, and Associate Partner, Sylvia Warren, present market drivers, new business models, and the enablers needed to boost investment.


It’s About Time: Private Investment in US Care Infrastructure

The Covid pandemic spotlighted the longstanding need for stronger care infrastructure in the United States. In this article, Dalberg’s Rachna Saxena and Shruthi Jayaram make the case that without sufficient investment in safe and affordable care services and products, the economy cannot build back after the pandemic.


Placing Survivor Needs at the Heart of Justice Systems in Southeast Asia’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

Conventional justice systems focus primarily on punishing offenders. A new report suggests that survivors of trafficking desire other outcomes instead. Alternative justice delivery models could help place survivor’s interests at the heart of the justice system.


How Wearable Technologies Can Drive Social Impact in Colombia

A new report by Dalberg Advisors highlights the potential impact the market growth of wearable technologies can unlock in Colombia, use cases that include reducing health insurance costs, providing more effective healthcare to older populations, and driving better public policy choices.



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