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We partner with a diverse range of investors, fund managers and supporting actors to maximize the financial and non-financial returns of their investments. We help our clients develop focused investment strategies to deploy their capital with impact. We bridge our clients’ objectives with the reality of local contexts, by structuring appropriate instruments and helping to guide effective execution. Our services range from one-off transaction advisory, to ongoing impact investment advisory, to fund structuring to eco-system and knowledge building.


Strategy and design

Dalberg identifies needs, designs, structures and brings to life impact investment funds, financing facilities, and direct investment strategies.

Sector thesis generation and deal origination

Dalberg develops impact investment theses and originates investment opportunities that align with the thesis.

Impact evaluation and management

Dalberg sets goals, measures and manages the impact on people and the planet.

Transaction advisory

Dalberg provides better investment decisions by performing due diligence, assessing financial and impact potential.

Post-transaction advisory

Dalberg improves the operational performance of a clients’ investees.

Ecosystem development

Dalberg improves their clients’ market intelligence and field build through sharing of knowledge and resources.




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