What is Dalberg Research?

Dalberg Research provides research and analysis that offers clients actionable solutions to their problems. We are a full-service research agency answering questions about markets, consumers and lifestyles across more than 20 African countries via quantitative and qualitative studies.

What is D-Panel?

D-Panel is a data platform in Kenya that we use to capture, store, and analyze information that we collect through SMS surveys and, soon, social media and phone interviews.

How long does a D-Panel survey take to complete?

Most surveys take an average of 4 to 6 minutes to complete. However, different surveys can take different amounts of time depending on the topic and specific questions.

If I participate in a D-Panel survey, will I be charged?

No. In fact, we sometimes compensate people who participate in D-Panel surveys in either monetary or non-monetary form.

How do I register for D- Panel?

If you are in Kenya, you can register for D-Panel by sending a text message to 0717511822 indicating that you are interested in joining our panel. You will then receive a short survey with a few brief questions about yourself. Once you complete our survey, you will be fully registered in our panel.

How will the information I provide to D-Panel be used?

The information you share with D-Panel will be used purely for research purposes, notably to help our clients solve challenges. Personal identifiers such as phone numbers will never be shared with third parties.

How is the information that I share with D-Panel protected?

None of the personal identification information that you share with D. Panel (e.g., names, phone numbers) will ever be shared with third parties. It is also securely stored.

Why can I sometimes no longer respond to a D-Panel survey if I am part of D-Panel?

Survey responses are only collected for a limited period of time after the survey goes live. If you respond to a survey after this period has ended your responses will not be received by our system. To avoid this, make sure that you complete all the survey requests as soon as you receive them.

Can another person respond to a D-Panel survey on my behalf?

No. No one can respond to a D-Panel survey on your behalf. However, you can direct him or her to register for D-Panel separately if they are in Kenya and share their number with us through 0717511822.

Can I invite other people to participate in D-Panel?

Yes. You can invite other people to participate but they need to first be registered on our database. You can share your invite code or their numbers with us through 0717511822 for them to receive the first survey for registration and verification.

If I change my phone number, how do I let D-Panel know?

If you change your number, please send a message indicating the new number you will be using to 0717511822 as well as the previous phone number that you were using so that we can remove it from our database.

When will I receive my incentive if I participate in a D-Panel survey?

For select surveys, you will receive an incentive after you have reached a particular threshold of completion. For other surveys, you will receive the incentive after you have fully completed the survey.

What type of incentive will I receive after completing a D-Panel survey?

The incentives we offer are typically airtime and mobile money. The specific incentive for each survey will be communicated in the beginning or end of a project.

Why have I not received any invites to participate in a D-Panel survey?

The invites are project-based and this means invites are sent out within a project lifespan. You can reach us on 0717511822 to confirm if your number is still active from our end. We request that you kindly complete all questions in time so that you can receive more interviews when available.

Does D-panel allow respondents under the age of 15 to participate?

Yes, D-Panel allows respondents between 15 and 17 to participate in surveys, but only with consent from a guardian. No interview will be conducted if there is no approval of the guardian.

Can I opt out? If so, how?

Yes, you can opt out at any time either by saying no to receiving more surveys or sending a message to 0717511822.

What type of surveys does D-Panel run?

We run SMS surveys (via text message to your phone), Interactive Voice Response (where questions and responses are recorded through using your keypad), and Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (where an interviewer reads out questions in a phone call). 

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