Tanzania Agriculture Transformation Program

Dalberg, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, worked extensively with the Ministry of Agriculture in Tanzania to provide both strategic support and technical capacity to stimulate Tanzania’s agricultural ecosystem. Specifically, Dalberg undertook a range of strategic work including i) identifying systemic challenges and delivering a range of strategic opportunities and recommendations for the agricultural sector and ii) conceptualizing and developing coordination mechanisms in the sector.

Our involvement resulted in:

  1. The deployment of a technical implementation capacity to the Ministry to provide project management support for the launch of the Agricultural Delivery Agency.
  2. The deployment of a 12-person team to specific nodes in the Ministry and President’s Office at the national and sub-national level to build management capacity and support delivery of the National Agriculture Sector Development Plan.
  3. The development and transference of problem-solving skills, sector strategy development, sector actor’s coordination, resource mobilization, etc., to management with the aim of realizing sector-wide improvement in Tanzania’s Agricultural sector.

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