We are delighted to announce the election of two outstanding individuals, Nandini Madan and Jagjeet Sareen, to the partnership of Dalberg Advisors. Each of them brings extensive cross-sector knowledge and comprehensive experience to their roles. They are deeply committed to continuous learning, solving critical problems, and collaborating with our clients to drive sustained impact.


Dalberg Advisors — Mumbai

Nandini Madan joined Dalberg in 2011 and serves as a member of the Global Management Team as well as the Chief Operating Officer for the firm’s Asia Pacific operations. Coming to Dalberg after seven years in banking and an extended parental break, Nandini instantly found “a welcoming environment” that allowed her “various roles to harmoniously coexist,” along with a mission she was “genuinely passionate about.” Over 13 years, she has helped shape the Asia Pacific region’s strategic direction across diverse functions, including finance, human resources, and administration.

As Partner, Nandini is enthusiastic about further leveraging her operational expertise to bolster the firm’s growth and amplify its social impact aspirations. She continues to be guided by her shared values with the firm which express themselves in her everyday life — from parenting to designing policies. Her enduring leadership lesson is: “to listen to the room, including the younger cohorts, and to learn to adapt to culture shifts.”

Dalberg Advisors — New Delhi

Jagjeet Sareen joined Dalberg in 2023, driven by his aspiration to work alongside impact-driven teams to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems. He leads the firm’s climate-related projects in Asia Pacific and globally, while advancing thought leadership and partnerships across the climate sector.

Despite visible climate impacts worldwide that are “only going to get worse unless there is collective action,” Jagjeet finds cause for hope in the momentum behind climate adaptation and resilience, along with “affordable and scalable solutions at the grassroots level.” As he joins the partnership, he looks forward to “impactful contributions to the climate agenda — and nurturing the next generation of climate leaders” across the firm’s offices. His philosophy is to “connect the dots to stay ahead of the curve” — he also strives to read “something new every day.”

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