Dalberg announces its commitment to a new office in H​o​ Chi Min​h​ City, Vietnam

We are thrilled to announce our commitment to establishing a Dalberg office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2024. Dalberg’s expansion into Vietnam reflects our strategy to grow across Southeast Asia, a region home to ~700 million people and rapidly growing economies. Growing our footprint in Vietnam ensures that Dalberg continues combining global best practices with local expertise to better serve our clients and achieve enduring impact. Dalberg has been engaging clients in Southeast Asia through our Singapore office and Hong Kong presence, beginning its work in Vietnam in 2019.

This development is the product of an integration of Dalberg and Panl, a team of consultants specializing in the design and delivery of plans and initiatives that create a high social impact. We are delighted to welcome Chris Malone as a Partner under Dalberg Advisors. He has spent over 20 years working with senior government leaders in Asia, including several heads of state. He brings expertise in inclusive economic growth and innovation and digital and AI transformation. Prior to Panl, Chris was the Global Head of Economic Development and the Managing Partner of Vietnam for BCG.

​​What has working with Dalberg been like so far?

Dalbergians have already shown some of my favorite characteristics amongst those who work in professional services: intellectual courage, a strong sense of mission, and a predilection for adventure. I am very confident of Dalberg’s bench strength of talent and delighted to be part of this new impact community.

​What are you most excited to do next with us?

I hope to make many contributions to the firm, but three rise to the top. The first is developing a strong platform of projects that are geared towards solving the most pressing challenges in Southeast Asia projects. The second is to strengthen Dalberg’s portfolio of projects in the ‘inclusive economic development’ space. Lastly, I am interested in achieving impact through close partnerships with large corporate clients. Having spent many years working with corporates, I have seen how they can be a very powerful force for positive impact if they have the right strategic advice and support.

Get in Touch 

We invite you to reach out to us to explore how we can collaborate to create an inclusive, more sustainable future @vincent.pham@dalberg.com 

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