The challenge of unemployment in countries around the world demands innovative and comprehensive education and training solutions to respond to rapidly changing employment needs. Dalberg partners with educational institutions, corporations, foundations, NGOs, and governments to strengthen the education to employment pathway. 

  • We complete labor market analysis. We undertake rigorous desk and field research to identify sectors that will drive economic growth and create jobs.
  • We develop intervention strategies and theories of change. We help our clients align on an organization’s vision and mission, as well as set priorities to better target their interventions and improve education and employment outcomes.
  • We design programs. We develop our clients understanding of best practices and innovations in vocational education and skills training – and we work alongside them to develop their programs.
  • We create investment strategies. We zoom in on investments matching client goals. We conduct due diligence and provide investment considerations across geographies ranging from vocational and work readiness programs to education investment funds.
  • We engage stakeholders and develop partnerships. We facilitate matchmaking across public and private sectors to combine strengths and ensure that education programs meet the demands of dynamic labor markets.
  • We conduct impact evaluations. We work with clients to create tools that measure impact. We use impact evaluation to refine our clients’ strategies and ensure they have the right partnerships and organizational structure to meet their objectives.

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