Enabling access to affordable energy is a catalyst, not only for economic growth, but for the development of many other services, such as health, education, and transport. Although efforts to increase global access to energy are expanding, we are still some way from meeting SDG7 – universal access to modern energy – by 2030.

As advisors, we help our clients unlocks solutions that increase the supply of economically viable, environmentally sustainable, socially equitable energy.

  • We design evidence-based strategies for our clients to help them enter/grow their energy access product portfolio in emerging markets.
  • We help Governments and ecosystem players to evaluate policies and recommend new ones to create a conducive marketplace for energy access.
  • We conduct deep user research, using human centered design practices, to understand different facets of the energy challenge at the end-user level
  • We help investors place the right bets in a fast moving energy landscape.
  • We engage as learning partners for large energy related programs, helping our clients track progress, measure efficiency and ultimately evaluate and maximize social impact
  • We develop thought leadership to help propel the ecosystem by providing both insights into the energy access market today and projections on opportunities in the future.
  • We help our clients in the energy and white goods industry, to enter and navigate the clean energy space.

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