Gender inequality undermines economic growth, democracy, and human dignity. By shifting social norms, removing legal barriers, and reducing discriminatory practices, countries can empower citizens and achieve remarkable progress. Dalberg works with governments, foundations, NGOs, and companies to empower people of all genders and socioeconomic backgrounds to participate fully in economic, political, and social life. Based on principles of gender equity embodied across the Dalberg platform, we help our clients ensure that their greatest asset, people, thrive and achieve their full potential.

  • We expand the evidence base. Based on rigorous field and desk research, we assess how gender is experienced in different contexts and recommend ways to integrate gender equity into laws, attitudes, and development programs.
  • We develop strategies that ensure gender parity, including internal reorganization strategies and gender-responsive strategies.
  • We build capacity by designing and executing training programs, providing hands-on support, and facilitating partnerships to ensure everyone from those at the grassroots to policymakers has the capacity and confidence to effect change.
  • We monitor and evaluate the performance of programs and institutions so they can better align their work toward improving gender equity.

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