The digital revolution is one of the greatest and most transformative events in human history, presenting both opportunity and a responsibility to harness technology for a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable world. Technology is creating new jobs, lowering transaction costs, and delivering vital information to those who need it most. At Dalberg, we work with private companies, governments, leading foundations, NGOs, and civil society groups to harness digital technology for amplified impact, sustainable value, and cost reduction in sectors ranging from health to agriculture, from energy to financial services.

  • We build tailored strategies. Our strategies enable clients to expand their market footprint, realize new efficiencies, and develop user-centered product offerings.
  • We provide timely market intelligence. With the right information, our clients are empowered to understand new developments in the digital economy in emerging markets, overcome barriers, and better serve their customers.
  • We build multi-stakeholder platforms and partnerships. We align public, non-government and private sector interests through partnerships that help all parties find shared value and achieve desired results.
  • We create and disseminate learnings on trends and innovations in digital, mobile, and social technology in emerging markets. Our knowledge products ensure that tech leaders work from a common fact base and are kept apprised of the latest developments. 

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