We work with companies to reach the four billion people at the base of the pyramid (BoP) – the world’s largest, but poorest, economic group; representing a significantly underserved market. By incorporating the BoP in business value chains, we help clients to reach new markets and understand and identify new potential customers. When integrating the BoP as a commercial opportunity, inclusive businesses expand profits and create social benefit.

  • We foster inclusive customer bases. We pinpoint ways to tailor products, services, and business and delivery models to large, underserved markets, opening up opportunities for unparalleled growth.
  • We develop inclusive supplier bases. We identify sourcing opportunities, assess risk, and adjust company operations to develop inclusive supply chains that can diversify risk and strengthen a company’s ability to operate in a country, while optimizing for pricing, security of delivery and/or non-dependence on imports.
  • We promote inclusive employment by helping companies integrate and train marginalized groups to bring them into the workforce.
  • We support inclusive distribution channels to underserved markets.

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