We need inclusive economies that provide economic opportunities for all and allow current – and future – citizens to flourish. Dalberg helps countries and regions develop inclusive growth agendas and programs where all people can benefit from, and participate in, economic growth. We work with businesses, investors, and policymakers to identify market-based solutions that fuel economic growth while promoting social inclusion.

  • We complete competitive analysis to determine a country or region’s competitive edge and performance gaps, and we pinpoint new sectors in which local conditions and capabilities are most conducive for development.
  • We design of policy and regulatory frameworks. In a primarily interview-driven approach, we understand the most problematic constraints on economic growth, and we recommend concrete changes that can produce more favorable policies and regulatory environments for our clients.
  • We lead strategy and investment planning. We create action and investment plans that help clients raise capital, access new markets, and engage relevant authorities, companies, and policymakers to ensure business opportunities for inclusive growth attract the public and private attention, oversight, resources, and expertise they need to move forward.
  • We support leadership and change management. Through interviews, policy research, and based on our experience, we figure out what is and is not working in the institutional ecosystem for inclusive growth. We create a new vision together with each client, and we build a pathway for change through a participatory process that aligns stakeholder incentives and empowers local champions of the country’s or region’s growth strategy.
  • We develop resilience strategies. We integrate a resilience lens into our economic growth strategies to ensure countries can withstand unexpected shocks, such as natural disasters or international economic crises, and avoid or help reverse day-to-day stresses, such as pre-existing conflict dynamics.

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