Infrastructure is a backbone of development: power lines deliver energy to homes and businesses; pipes provide clean water to drink; roads, railways, and bridges connect communities; and internet connectivity fosters new digital economies. Sustainable infrastructure has the power to bolster the economic growth, resilience, health, and environments of entire nations. We support our clients – governments, private investors, and institutions  – to develop inclusive and sustainable infrastructure in emerging markets.

  • We create strategies for inclusive and sustainable infrastructure. Through rigorous research, analysis, and stakeholder engagement with partners and engineering experts, we help our clients build strategies at regional, national, and local levels that align partner incentives and optimize benefits for both economies and communities.
  • We channel capital into infrastructure development. We develop innovative financing structures and platforms that combine public and private sources of blended capital towards infrastructure projects.
  • We support more efficient use of infrastructure assets. We advise private utility companies and parastatals on organizational change and restructuring to enhance productivity and improve service to customers.

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