This brief details Dalberg Media’s policy on carbon offsetting, focusing on internal actions to limit and offset carbon emissions associated with air travel and office operations.


Climate change is increasingly recognised as one of our time’s most pressing challenges with damaging consequences for life across the planet. As a globally anchored company with frequent and often long-distance travel activity, we would like to assume responsibility and play our part in
limiting global greenhouse gas emissions.
To start out, we will focus our actions on limiting and offsetting carbon emissions accruing from air travel and office operations. At a later stage, more initiatives may be added to the list.

We recognise that offsetting air travel and office operations does not encapsulate the entirety of CO2 emissions originating from our work. Production of computers and other hardware, heating, lunch etc. is not currently accounted for. As we mature our approach to offsetting, we aspire to factor this in – not only to become carbon neutral, but also to create a surplus.

Mitigation: Limiting and offsetting emissions

This section details Dalberg Media’s initiatives concerning limiting and offsetting our carbon emissions.

Limiting carbon emissions

By limiting our carbon emissions, we mean taking a conscious and informed choice on when to engage in carbon-intense activity, such as flying. While some travelling by flight is unavoidable, we always consider whether a) the planned travel is necessary and cannot be replaced by virtual meetings, b) alternative modes of travel are feasible, e.g. travelling by train for domestic or regional destinations.

Offsetting carbon emissions

Starting from December 2018, Dalberg Media offsets all its carbon emissions associated with air travel and office operations.
Air travel is offset by investing in avoided deforestation and reforestation through the platform CarbonFund.

Dalberg Media purchases electricity from NaturEnergi, a utilities company investing exclusively in renewable energy, thereby ensuring net zero emissions from its electricity use, while supporting the local transition to a renewable energy supply.

You can download our climate policy here.

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