A Transformative Week for Africa's Sustainable Future

Part one of a five-part series on ‘A Transformative Week for Africa’s Sustainable Future’ featuring the week of September 4, 2023 

An extraordinary week unfolded between September 4 and 8, 2023, heralding a series of events that are shaping the sustainable future of Africa. The convergence of the Africa Climate Summit and Africa Climate Week in Nairobi, the Africa Food Systems Forum in Dar Es Salaam, and the Africa Smart Cities Investment Summit in Kigali marked a pivotal moment in the continent’s journey. These gatherings, spanning climate action, urban development, sustainable agriculture, and climate advocacy, provided valuable opportunities to connect with fellow organizations, leaders, and visionaries in the region’s collective mission to address pressing challenges and forge lasting solutions.  

The African Climate Summit successfully secured $23 billion in green project pledges, which had a significant impact on Africa’s role in global climate discussions. It marked a shift away from Africa being perceived as a victim of climate change to being seen as an essential part of the solution. In parallel, Africa Climate Week provided a crucial platform for stakeholders to engage in dialogues on climate solutions and regional contributions to global climate goals.  

In the same week, the Africa Food Systems Forum convened Africa’s experts to explore advancements in agriculture and food systems transformation, emphasizing the importance of translating commitments into actionable strategies to address climate-related issues. Also simultaneously, the Africa Smart Cities Investment Forum addressed the urgent need to leverage technology to be able to accommodate 760 million urban dwellers by 2030. It emphasized investment in smart city solutions to reduce congestion, stimulate innovation, and promote sustainable urbanization. 

Dalberg’s participation in these events highlights our commitment to Africa’s sustainable development. We acknowledge that the continent faces distinct challenges in the realms of climate change, urbanization, and the imperative for sustainable agricultural practices. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, innovations, and best practices, we believe we can contribute to meaningful change and a brighter future for Africa. We work alongside our partners to make a lasting impact and work towards a prosperous future.  

In this series of articles, we delve into areas that emerged as key points during these gatherings. We explore the innovative solutions presented at the Africa Climate Summit, highlighting the strides made in addressing climate challenges and Africa’s evolving role on the global stage. We also delve into the discussions that took place at Africa Climate Week, shedding light on the region’s renewed contributions to global climate goals. We then dissect the insights shared at the Africa Food Systems Forum, focusing on strategies that are in place to achieve change. Finally, we examine the recommendations and calls to action arising from the Africa Smart Cities Investment Summit, emphasizing the role of innovations in shaping Africa’s urban future. Together, these articles aim to provide an insightful overview of pivotal discussions and initiatives charting a sustainable path for Africa in the years ahead.

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