Corporate Grantmaking with a Racial Equity Lens: A Toolkit for More Impactful Giving

For many corporate grantmakers, the objective is clear: Racial equity should be infused across all of a company’s activities and initiatives, from recruiting, advancement, sourcing, and facilitating cultural shifts. It’s a tall order, and one that takes time and persistence. Dalberg’s Corporate Grantmaking with a Racial Equity toolkit can help when it comes to the strategic role that corporate philanthropy can play for a company.

Developed to help grantmakers identify areas of strength and weakness, and track progress over time, the action-oriented toolkit outlines ways to incorporate racial equity throughout the entire grantmaking process, from the initial grant application to the monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems used to understand impact. Recognizing that explicitly funding racial equity work is essential, the toolkit offers ways to ensure that the entire grantmaking portfolio is equitable to BIPOC-led and -centered organizations, regardless of sector or focus area.

The toolkit also provides guidance for corporate grantmakers seeking to play a pivotal role in supporting racial equity work, challenging them to ask foundational questions about bias, undue burdens in application processes, funding disbursement, and more. The aim is to help people shape an unbiased portfolio, and reinforce a corporate culture centered on racial equity.

The toolkit can be accessed here. If you have stories or insights to share on this topic, please contact either Marcus Haymon  or Laura Herman.

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