Representing five Dalberg offices and a depth of sectoral experience, we are thrilled to announce the firm’s newest Partners, elected in January 2022. As the most senior leaders in the firm, Partners play a leading role in stewarding Dalberg’s mission and business, deepening and growing the firm’s impact, developing the next generation of development leaders, and ensuring that Dalberg continues to deliver exceptional client service across all regions, sectors, and practice areas.

Our new Partners are:

Melbourne, Australia

After years of management consulting experience, Layusa joined Dalberg in 2015 and was drawn to the firm for “the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most pressing problems alongside people who prioritized impact above all else.”

Layusa leads Dalberg’s presence in Australia and focuses on strategic planning and financing across the areas of education, employment, agriculture, and gender.

As a new Partner, Layusa is focused on “continuing to amplify the efforts of social impact leaders — those with whom we partner and within Dalberg itself.”

Delhi, India

Kunal joined Dalberg in 2017 after years of experience in management consulting and the ICT sector. He’s excited to join the partnership and “work alongside passionate leaders while continuing to build an impact-focused, entrepreneurial organization where people can make a difference.”

As part of our election process, we asked each new Partner to reflect on their professional journey. Kunal expressed that if he were able to impart advice on his younger self, it would be centered around, “follow your heart, dive right in, and life will help you figure it out.” This advice will continue to guide Kunal in his new role as a Dalberg Partner.

Paris, France
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Lillian joined Dalberg in 2018 with the desire “to have a meaningful profession — something my children could be proud of.”

She has experience in global health, trade and industrialization policy, job creation policy, inclusive business models, access to finance, and digital transformation across the Africa region.

When asked about her ambitions as a new Partner, Lillian shared how she’s motivated by “the opportunity to partner with global changemakers and rethink how we advance challenges in global development today.”

New York, New York

Marcus first joined Dalberg in 2014 for “the opportunity to tackle systemic barriers to justice and equity with talented colleagues from around the world.” This drive is what brought Marcus back to Dalberg in 2019 and focused his portfolio on racial justice, economic mobility, shifting power in philanthropy, and gender.

As part of our new Partner election process, Marcus shared the influential leadership lesson that has guided his journey to this point: “Approach each project — even the challenging and frustrating ones — as a chance to learn, grow, and do better.”

Layusa Isa-Odidi, Kunal Walia, Lillian Kidane, and Marcus Haymon join Laura Herman, Sunru Yong, and Kusisami Hornberger (elected in July 2021) as Dalberg’s most recent class to join the partnership.

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