Dalberg Expands Its Presence in India with New Office in Goa

Dalberg is excited to announce the opening of its third office in India, located in the vibrant state of Goa. This expansion underscores Dalberg’s commitment to enhancing the impact journey of local communities, businesses, and organizations in this strategically positioned southwestern state of India, which has recently witnessed a surge in entrepreneurial opportunities. With a mix of city infrastructure and emerging social enterprises, Goa has become an attractive hub, drawing talent and fostering a dynamic environment. The state also grapples with critical issues in climate and agriculture, making it a focal point for numerous individuals working in these fields.

Dalberg has been actively engaging with clients in Goa over the past few years, particularly in the realm of education. The new Goa office will serve as a collaborative space for brainstorming, workshops, and innovative idea generation. Dalberg has previously organized events such as consecutive annual CSR Leaders Retreats, an Education Leaders Retreat and more informal social impact mixers in Goa. The growing team of Partners and staff at the Goa office will leverage their local expertise combined with a global perspective to deliver Dalberg’s renowned advisory services, driving meaningful change in Goa and beyond.

Office co-directors and Partners at Dalberg, Dayoung Lee and Kunal Walia talk about their aspirations for setting up the Goa office.

Dayoung, what was the motivation behind choosing Goa as the location for Dalberg’s new office and how does it align with the region’s broader strategy?

We wanted to leverage Goa’s unique combination of beautiful environment and connectivity to major cities, which provides an energizing workplace for our teams and an inspiring space to host our clients and partners. We are developing Goa as a destination to step out of the hustle and bustle of our mega cities for thought leadership and deeper connections. Over the years, we have hosted retreats for Corporate Social Responsibility leaders and Education leaders as well as work sessions with our partners. There is a growing community of climate and environment as well as social impact professionals and entrepreneurial activities that we are excited to be a part of and help grow.

Kunal, what kind of impact do you see coming from Dalberg’s office in Goa and what opportunities are you most excited about pursuing?

Supporting our people and nurturing talent is one of our core values.  Through the Goa office we offer a healthy and productive environment to our teams, hopefully inspiring them to use the Dalberg platform to create more impact. At the same time, Goa is still at a size that allows us to engage with the local social impact community more directly than we would be able to do otherwise. This is a place where people are consciously trying to work with local communities to solve challenges in skilling and development, and we want to work collaboratively with them. In the long term, there are pockets of areas which are important for Goa like climate, agriculture, forestry, which are core to the challenges that Goa is facing due to the increase in tourism and development, where we can start building networks and playing a role.

Dalberg’s expansion into Goa reflects its commitment to fostering positive change and contributing to sustainable development in the region, reinforcing the firm’s global mission.

Get in Touch

We invite you to reach out to us to explore how we can collaborate to create an inclusive, more sustainable future. Our new office is located at:
Dalberg Advisors
Villa ‘D’ bearing House No. 264/174 
Lane 6, Serenity, Green Valley 
Alto Porvorim, Bardez 
Goa 403521  

We look forward to welcoming you!

Kunal Walia: kunal.walia@dalberg.com
Dayoung Lee: dayoung.lee@dalberg.com

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