Letter from James Mwangi, Dalberg Group Executive Director

The next phase of the pandemic requires a bias toward action and a bias toward reflection.

The fault lines this virus has exposed will not be easily plastered over. And yet, this is an opportunity for a reset.

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Across the globe, Dalberg is balancing the urgent need to address health risks with the long-term implications of the pandemic alongside governments and other partners.
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  • United States

    “It is like hiking up a mountain in the winter—you want to lay down in the snow, but your partner is like ‘don’t do it, you’ll never wake up again’. I feel like we are at that moment—if I close the restaurant, will I ever turn the lights back on?

    Economic recovery will happen — but will we make it equitable?
  • Africa

    Women are so used to problem-solving, whether with their children, their extended families and their broader social groups. They are finding creative ways to respond to the pandemic but more needs to be done to ensure they benefit from government measures.”

    Women-led SMEs in Africa: how applying a gender lens to recovery efforts can help
  • Global

    The increase in zoonotic disease outbreaks is a symptom of a broken relationship between humans and the natural world, and is likely to worsen. Exposure to new animal pathogens creates dangerous conditions for spillover from one species to another.

    Covid-19: Urgent Call to Protect People and Nature' from WWF and Dalberg
  • Global

    “Information on actions in developing countries is patchy, and often hard to compare across nations. Dalberg’s ‘Database of Government Actions on Covid-19 in Developing Countries’ collates and tracks policies and actions related to the pandemic.”

    Tracking the crisis response in developing nations

Here’s how we focus our COVID response

Dalberg works in service of creating a more inclusive and sustainable society where all people, everywhere can achieve their fullest potential. Across our Covid-related efforts, we seek to enable communities of action and mobilize a diverse set of partners that can meet the needs of the vulnerable and underserved. A mission-driven perspective, deep analysis and in-depth insights sit at the core of all that we do.



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