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Catalyst for growth

We piloted the SME Catalyst for Growth program with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation in 2012 to provide high-quality business development support to 20 South African SMEs. This pilot program grew into a non-profit which provides an analytics platform for business development support providers serving SMEs in South Africa.


Catalyst for Growth, a non-profit organisation based in Johannesburg, has developed an analytics platform for business development support (BDS) providers serving small-medium-and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs).The introduction of the platform is intended to increase the quality of business development support in the market, reward the best service providers, and help link SMMEs to growth capital.The data will improve SME services and allow the investment community to decrease costs associated with sourcing SMMEs, while directing enterprise development and supplier capital into high-achieving programmes.

Catalyst for Growth is designed to connect key players in the BDS marketplace and channel capital towards BDS providers that help SMMEs become truly investment-ready:

Catalyst for Growth

Find out more information on the Catalyst for Growth website.

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