In collaboration with FORESIGHT, an independent journalistic magazine, Dalberg Media is developing an entirely new magazine product with a focus on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Through this project we aspire to shed a new light on NCDs – a major and growing obstacle to public health and global development agendas – and to stimulate more knowledge sharing, multidisciplinary dialogue and solution building amongst the many different stakeholders that shape the health sector at the micro and macro levels. 


In building a purposeful and differentiated magazine product, we are leveraging FORESIGHT´s existing brand and business model, and are establishing partnerships with relevant companies, academic institutions, medical associations, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and foundations to extend the magazine´s quality, reach, and impact. Thus far, Dalberg Media has played a central role in defining the purpose and thematic focus of the magazine, articulating its stance on NCDs and its narrative, building the editorial team, guiding the curation of article content, and shaping the magazine´s visual identity.



We aim at creating content that is intelligent, knowledgeable, and designed to be visually appealing, both digitally and in print. We focus on the multidimensional causes and effects of NCDs, as well as solutions for tackling them across sectors and disciplines.


Our readers consist of the various health experts, decision-makers and implementers who shape the health sector and who need multidisciplinary insights to inform their decisions and coordinated efforts for transforming health systems to prevent and respond to NCDs.


We publish in-depth articles and expert opinions through a high-quality magazine twice a year, with each edition being focusing on a specific theme. In 2020, we will also introduce a digital hub.

Other FORESIGHT publications

FORESIGHT Global Health builds on the current success of the FORESIGHT Climate & Energy digital platform and print magazine. Established in 2016, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is now recognised as the essential read on the global transition to a decarbonised energy economy.


In the making…

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